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Dear Mr. Stephen

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Dear Mr. Stephen

Dear Mr. Stephen

I’ve been a member of this forum for a very long time, and I’ve been a nokia fan for as long as I can remember. But today, I decided to create another account and log in as a “guest” because today this is the way I feel.

I have owned tens of nokia devices over the years. Now I have a Nokia E72 among other devices (HTC desire, and Iphone 3GS). Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to rant about anything here. I just want to tell you few things you don’t know about Nokia from my own experience. I will not give you a History lesson either; I believe you can learn all you want about nokia’s history from its own employees. I just want to tell you why I bought all those nokia devices, and why I still use my E72.

I have three devices on my table now. But whenever I want to go on a long trip, I put that SIM card in my nokia. Whenever I’m going into a business meeting, I pick that nokia. Whenever I ‘m waiting for an important call, I swap my SIM into that nokia. Whenever I want to do things fast, I turn into my nokia. Do you know why Mr. Stephen? Because it’s reliable, it’s dependable and it’s a device I can trust not to die on me 3 hours into the day, or hang on me in the middle of an important phone call, or just drop signal when I hold it “the wrong way”. And still, I can listen to my music, take pictures and check my emails. Amazing, isn’t it Mr. Stephen, but what do you know about that. These things I just said are the things I tell my friends when they ask me why I keep going back to that phone and why I love nokia so much. Yes, I know Symbian have defects, and yes, I wish OVI store had more apps. But I always had belief that it’s coming. And that this platform will one day the best. As you can see now, I never knew you were coming.

I am not going to ask you WHY, I’m just going to ask you not to let these developers in nokia go. I don’t work for nokia and I don’t get paid by nokia, I’ve never even been to finland. All I know is that in a short time from now, when your successor takes over, he will have to beg them to come back. And I know that when your little adventure with Microsoft is finished, we as consumers will need those developers back to revive nokia and Symbian.

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Re: Dear Mr. Stephen

I think his name is Mr Elop not Mr Stephen.

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Re: Dear Mr. Stephen

"No" to Microsoft!


The way to go is Open Source / Symbian / MeeGo but please, please do not go for M$!

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Re: Dear Mr. Stephen

I've been a loyal Nokia customer ever since the Nokia 3210, but if M$ is to be the dominant os suplier for nokia's smart phones I sincerely doubt that I'll buy a nokia phone next time...



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Re: Dear Mr. Stephen

I dont really know why Nokia has to be married with microsoft, I know that the OS W7 is not bad and the allieance maybe will work, but I'll be a lot happier if the roadmap for Nokia will be to reach or be better than the iOS or android OS with Nokia own OS softwere, no matter if is Symbian^3 or Meego. is just a

I know that Nokia has to do "something" due the loss of smarthphone market share bur being married with one until now "not very successful OS" win-win deal for microsoft but not a good one for Nokia.

Nokia should keep developing his own OS and if you need time let the users chose between andriod, symbian, meego and w7 and you will se that w7 is not the best option.

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Re: Dear Mr. Stephen

Mr. Elop you kill Nokia, although you change opinion Nokia this dead. I want to see the shareholders of Nokia making demands against you. You Elop acts how a criminal, making circulate private memos and then with their declarations.

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Re: Dear Mr. Stephen

through all of the ups and downs I have been a Nokia user and supporter. I am now on an N8 and still love it even with it's faults and if I wanted a W7 phone I would buy one but not if Nokia go that way. No more for me... I am going to go samsung from now on...


You just lost a lifetime nokia user.....


Now you will just become a manufacturer of clones...

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Re: Dear Mr. Stephen

Very well written, too bad Mr. Elop will not see it.
I think the Nokia plan idea goes WAY back before september. Soon Nokia will be just another MS company.
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Re: Dear Mr.. Stephen

Dear Mr.. Elope,


I, too, was a lifetime loyal customer to Nokia and I am holding an N8 now. I also bought new N8 for my sister and a C7 for my mother.

I was really disappointed with this Nokia/MS alliance which I really don't think it will get you what you want. 

I would ask you please at least keep Symbian track and don't kill it for the favor of WP7 which is already dead. 

Nokia has stayed on top for long time and this is the real success, I truly do not believe Android or IOS would stay the same. The market share has dropped because people wanted to try new experience and soon they will discover the true value of Nokia and come back.

Symbian^3 is still new and needs more time to prove itself.

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Re: Dear Mr.. Stephen

I couldn't believe this when i heard it this morning. Win for Microsoft, epic fail for nokia.

I had Nokia's for years, but when i wanted a new phone year before last, i got a samsung omnia with windows mobile. I regretted it for the year i was stuck with that phone.

Windows phones are always more windows than phone.

For example it shouldn't require seven key presses in various menus to return a call, or 9 button presses to get to the screen for sending a text message!

Windows phone OS's are awful, and not usable or friendly in any way.

Nokia, i use your phones because i like symbian OS, i can get plenty of open source software, and i can make my own. All for free.

Microsoft charge for literally everything, which is going to  leave you without any customers. I'm due to renew my phone later this year, and i'm sad to say it's not gonna be a nokia with microsoft stamped all over it.

I know you have to improve your market share, but a deal with the devil was not the right decision. You're going to lose a lot of customers who came to you for your superior phones and OS. You do everything right with phones, and now you've done the worst thing i can think of. You're going to use somebody elses awful OS, in your phones in place of your own superior OS.

A sad day indeed.


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Re: Dear Mr. Stephen

Nokia is sick .. yes .. but one does not feed a sick person "junk food".


The sick person needs love and lots of reliable "home food"

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Dear Mr. Stephen....

Do you actually use a Nokia phone?



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Re: Dear Mr. Stephen


  Did I hear right? Did I hear Stephen say, Nokia’s high end phones will be Windows. And the low end phones will be Windows. Did not mention symbian, but did say Meego will be in the future.

  I have been trying to figure this one out just like everyone else. Is it about money? Or are we going to wind up with the fullest featured smart phones ever? I think what most people are worried about; is a plan to build a super market base and deliver mediocre phones. Don’t forget, Microsoft really knows how to make money and defend intellectual property. Windows resides on more than 90% of the world’s computers. And that isn’t because they are so well liked.

  Nokia may be worried about its own market base and see this as a safety net. I would hate to see Nokia wind up on the skids like Motorola.

  Maybe the US phone carriers will offer more models of Nokia phones now.

  I am sure if Nokia makes a Windows based smart phone, it will be better then any other Windows based phone before it. I just hope they finish frosting the cake when they build it. I have been deeply disappointed by Nokia's neglect to leave off features while they are in the throws of designing a new model. I have three communicators each phenomenally better then the previous models, and each lacking some endearing features from the previous models. It seems like all their phones are built from the ground up with distinct differences and little resemblance to other models. Of course in physical appearance but also in software, menu appearance, functionality, and agility. I have a 5730. It is so complete in design and beauty; it is every bit as exciting to operate as my E90. A totally different phone but the same OS. It has the finest desktop and submenu execution I have seen. It has a slower processor then my E90, but it seems to navigate faster. The gallery thumbnails just fly. The E90 gallery scroll is much slower with notable lag times to produce each picture. The 5730 has a brilliant desktop with creatable icons for your contacts. Scroll through your contacts and choose “call, email, text,” etc. A very nice touch, but will we see it again?

   My N90. Remember those? The flip phone with the revolving camera barrel? It has a voice dial feature I have not seen on any other phone; including Nokia. The phone is closed, you can press and hold the side button, when the jingle plays, say your contact’s name. The contact is dialed and you are in speaker phone mode. No watching and waiting for the call to go through so you can switch over to speaker. You are in speaker mode. You can answer your incoming calls the same way. One button, speaker phone. And I am not talking about that walkie talkie service you pay extra money for. ‘That’ is an instant connect to a limited number of people only within your service provider. Although the N90 can appear to be behaving in the same manor; it is just voice dialing and then speaker phone by default. I would love to see that feature appear again.

    The C6, I do not own that model. But it has a lighted power port. Years I have wished for a lighted accessory / power port for plugging in head phones and power cords at night. Something else I have always wanted to see is a theme for silent mode. Many times I will put my phone to silent and forget to switch it back. Even if I look at the phone to check the time, I will neglect to see the little broken note. An all red screen or something totally different to catch the eye.

     The N900 is a great Linux computer with a super web browser. It needs a dpad like the E90 though. I think the browser would be so much easier to negotiate with a dpad. And any gps with out a dpad sucks. Like my Nuron. It is too hard to scroll through a map, to follow a road, or look for a gas station, when your finger is in the way. And another problem is, you are always launching options without wanting to. Touch only sucks. Needs a dpad. Also the N900 ‘telephone’ is lame without a send or an end key. It is too hard to answer calls when you are busy. The phone requires too much focus. The face of the phone is flashing, it is auto rotating, I have hit the red stripe by accident and hung up on people too many times. The Meego better have a dedicated send and end key, and a dpad. Or I won’t want it. What I would love to see on the Meego is a USB port. Why not? It’s a computer. Plug in a flash drive, move files, watch a movie. Plug into a powered USB hub and have a blast. USB hard drives, cd-roms, printers, scanners, keyboards, projectors.

  I  have had only one Windows phone. An htc with version 6 something. The calendar was poor but usable. But when I tried to link it with outlook, my windows pc told me I was not an "authorized user" and ignored the command. It had something to do with a mismatched email address. I tried to figure out what the problem was and correct it. But I became frustrated and gave up. But that’s the kind of **bleep** windows is notorious for. I have never had any Nokia phone ever rejected by outlook. But I must admit that was the only problem. Other then that, the phone linked well with the pc and I was able to move data in and out of the phone easily. The link up program was very functional; but dose not hold a candle to pc suit and ovi suit. I was using the usb cord only, until I figured out how to turn on the Bluetooth correctly. I discovered a setting called content beamer. And when I turned it on, then I was able link with my pc and to other phones via bluetooth. I was amazed at how many nooks and crannies you can get into with a windows phone. There many more settings at your command with the windows OS. I should mention some more of the good things. The text message based email is much nicer then Nokias. The headers are much fuller and easer to read. Auto retrieve works nicer too. You don’t have to down load all your messages at once like Nokias. But I don’t know if that is htc's frosting or all windows phones.

  Voice dialing is much more accurate and the voice confirm is much better then my 5730. It is more like a conversation with the dialer then giving a dog a command. Good thing bad thing? Only some of the programs you exit from actually turn off. Most of the programs you are only backing out of, and they will continue to run. You can only find out what is still running by going into task manager and turning them off there. The browser was ok; it could render some pretty sophisticated pages. But it did not seem very fast. Office worked ok, but no print manager. I tried to find one on the internet but never did.

  Well, these have been some tips and features offered up for consideration on your first W7 phone. Just trying to help.

  And one more thought.

  “Sent to you from my I phone”  (not)  (actually from my E90)

   I want to puke whenever I see that. I have been sending email with my Nokia phones for years. And with attachments too. Word Excel, Jpegs. How about send and receive faxes. Pretend you invented that Apple. Apple has booming sales because they really know how to market. Not because they have such a superior product. Nokia needs to learn how to market in the US. They really don’t need Microsoft to teach them that. Nokia knows how to set the standard. They just don’t know how to tout it. That’s my opinion.

   Well, it looks like the software team has some big work to do. Show um how its done guys. Nokias the best.

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