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E51 wlan/wifi connection problem and solution

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E51 wlan/wifi connection problem and solution

Hallo folks,

I have a solution for those of you having difficulty connecting your e51 to home wifi/wlan network.

I have a Sky broadband router, manufactured by Netgear and it uses WPA security. I received the message 'no gateway found' when attempting to connect to the wifi network.

The solution was to manually edit the access point settings (tools, settings, connections, access points).

Then I entered 'advanced settings' and manually edited the IPv4 settings. You will need to assign the phone an IP address, define the subnet mask, and default gateway.

The subnet mask and default gateway for your network can be found by going to the command prompt on your PC (sorry, don't know how to do this for Macs) and typing 'ipconfig'.

For the manual Phone IP address, simply use the default gateway address and change the last number to something else e.g. 10.

Good luck! My thanks to other folks who take the time to post their solutions for others to benefit. It was through scouring the forum that I figured this solution. My next challenge is to see if it can connect to a VOIP service.

Cheerio, Omar
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Re: E51 wlan/wifi connection problem and solution

I don't know what exactly caused the problem, which consisted of not being able to connect my Nokia E51 to the WLAN Router but if the security settings were disabled. Whenever I tried to enable the security settings with WEP/WPA on my WLAN router, although the access point was duly detected, and apparently flawlessly listed, it would no longer be available when actually trying to connect, as it would return the error message "WLAN not found".

After reading a few things about security issues, (, I decided that there is no way I could accept to connect to WLAN without security encryption.

By trial and error I managed to enable the security settings on the WLAN router AND successfully connect with Nokia E51 only after I did this:

1) Changed the SSID to some very exotic new name, completely different from the previous default name (supplied by the manufacturer). I noticed that the default SSID had become a known access point (AP) to my nokia phone when the security was disabled. With security enabled, it no longer worked.
2) Set up the wireless security to WPA authentication type, TKIP encryption, PKS.
3) Chose a 15 (or more)-character-strong passphrase and set is up in the wireless router security settings.
4) Had the WLAN assistant of my Nokia E51 update the AP list.
5) Once listed as new, unknown SSID, I was able to set up from the phone my WLAN AP, via the OPTIONS tab where I was finally prompted for the passphrase. (Same prompt would NOT work unless SSID of a previously successful, unencrypted AP is changed)

The device resolved the connection which worked fine ever since.

I think that there is a bug with Nokia E51 which does not actually update the access point list and does not reload all of the details of a recently reconfigured AP which used to work fine with disabled security settings in the first place. The mobile phone can be forced to completely refresh the AP list (in Connection Manager> WLAN assistant) only if the SSID of the AP is renamed in the the router settings. It seems that only afterwards would the security handshake between the devices finally work out and establish a proper connection. There is definitely a bug with the Nokia E51 wlan manager!
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Re: E51 wlan/wifi connection problem and solution

Hi all,

same problem here. I've put the wrong PassPhrase when configuring my home WLAN (WPA). For much times I tried to reconfigure the AP in my E51 it allways complain about wrong WPA passphrase.

Only changing SSID of the WLAN (same security, same passphares, etc)to another not seen before solved the problem.

I think that there is a bug with Nokia E51 too.
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Re: E51 wlan/wifi connection problem and solution

Thank you! I've tried a lot before, but not to change the SSID name. It has been very frustrating to not get the phone to connect to the WLAN, just because I had "wrong" settings the very first time I tried. It really must be a bug in the phone.