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E71 - MMS settings

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Accepted Solution

E71 - MMS settings

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Maybe others can also use this post for submitting various provider settings? Personally, I am unable to send MMS. I live in UK. Provider is Vodafone. I've tried numerous Access Point configurations, but so far - no good. Vodafone do not appear to have them, yet. Can anyone assist, please ?

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Re: E71 - MMS settings

Is there the "Settings Wizard" app on your phone? If so, try running it to get the proper settings for your model.

If it isn't there, try having the settings sent to your phone from this page:

If that doesn't work, either, check if Vodafone has a web page from where you can get the settings sent automatically.

If that's not available, call Vodafone customer support, and ask them to send the settings.
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Re: E71 - MMS settings

Tried wizard first off - no good (other wizard run throughs e.g. email accounts were trouble free, though).

I did try your link already - there's no E71 listed (I downloaded and tried different models' settings, e.g. E61i / E65) - no good.

I've rang Vodafone Customer (and their technical) support - still no good!

Still, MMs is probably least crucial feature for me - maybe I just need to wait a couple of weeks or so . .

Thank you for the very speedy reply / suggestions , petrib.
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Re: E71 - MMS settings

I had a problem with my MMS settings on my E71. I'm with Virgin, but the phone displays T-Mobile, their network provider. So when you run the Wiz it set the phone up for T-Mobile MMS access point.

This it what I did. Luckily my wife has an E65 on the Virgin Network. I manually copied the settings from that phone to mine and everything then worked fine.
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Re: E71 - MMS settings

Figured it out, now.

APN = (I am on Vodafone UK - pay as you talk)
user name = wap
password = wap
auth = normal
homepage =

advanced settings:

network type = IPv4
phone IP = automatic
DNS = automatic
proxy server =
proxy port = 8799

The above didn't work UNTIL YOU SET . .
Packet Data:
* * * Packet data connection = 'When needed' * * *
Access point =

Hope this helps others.
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Re: E71 - MMS settings

Im in Australia an I recently got a Nokia e71  and I have a pre-paid vodafone card that i would like to use it in. Does anyone know the settings or have the rom I can install on the phone?

It was locked to 3 Netowrk but I had it un-locked
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Re: E71 - MMS settings


Thanks a lot!!!! 

Although this post is old is worth mentioning again.


I had a similar problem sending out MMS; not receiving them, but sending them.


After calling Tmobile they provided me with the MMS settings number but it didn't fix the problem.


After coming to this post I followed the link from Nokia and it worked great ! awesome !


If anyone out there is with Tmobile and have problems either receiving or sending picture messages with an E series follow the link and run the Settings wizard 


Thanks again


In case you have the Settings Wizard on your device, follow the next steps, otherwise move onto step 4:
  • Press the Menu key on your phone.
  • Scroll to and select Tools. (Note: The location of the Settings Wizard varies according to device)
  • Scroll to and select Settwizard to launch the Nokia Settings Wizard.
  • Scroll to and select Operator.
  • Follow the wizard's on-screen steps to automatically configure the phone with the required operator service settings.
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 above to verify that the settings are now working correctly.
  • If you experience further problems, move onto step 4.