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E71 not enough memory

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E71 not enough memory

Hi! E71 says not enough memory but when tried to delete some data, its still the same. Tried restore factory settings and still the same. I can no longer change the settings of my phone book, last name first. What can I do?

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Re: E71 not enough memory

Try Soft reset;

Dial code as normal phone number *#7370# enter ur lock code, default is 12345
Backup your data, it'll wipe c/phone memory.
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Re: E71 not enough memory

Memory problems are quite common in S60 phones, often when the user thinks they don’t have many files on the phone. This can be caused by corrupt data within the phone, in which case we end up formatting (hard resetting) the device; but it can also be that there is too much data in the phone.

Troubleshooting “Memory full” errors – step 1

The first thing we need to do is to make sure that the memory isn’t really full. This we do in two stages. The FIRST STAGE is to check that there are no applications running in the phone, which we do by simply pressing and holding the menu key.

This displays all open applications, as in the example image on the right. Each of these applications will be using resources of the phone and may have open files (such as music files, photos, videos, map data, etc).

If this is the case, the first step to take is to close unused applications and then re-test whatever you were trying to achieve when the error occurred. The Menu and Standby screen (the last two icons in the image) will always be active.


Troubleshooting “Memory full” errors – step 2
The SECOND STAGE is to check if there really is too much in the phone memory. To do this, you need to open up the File Manager application (the location of File Manager in the menu structure varies from phone to phone). Once there, you need to access the memory details as follows:

S60 3rd Edition and S30 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 phones:

Options>Memory Details

S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 and S60 5th Edition phones:

C: Phone memory>Options>Details>Memory
The first thing to look for in memory details is the amount of free memory. If the free memory was measured in Kb instead of Mb, then we would look further into the list to search for large files that could be moved to mass memory or memory card (depending on the phone model).

If there is a genuine shortage of phone memory, then we need to look at the individual entries in the memory details list:

Calendar – this will normally be measured in bytes (B) of Kilobytes (KB), and is unlikely to be causing any issues.
Contacts will normally be measured also in KB, even if the user has images with some contacts and numerous additional fields of information. Contacts is also unlikely to be a cause of problems.
Messages will normally be measured in KB. If messages is measured in Megabytes (MB), then it could be that there are MMS messages or Bluetooth messages occupying too much space. The files attached to MMS and Bluetooth messages can be saved to mass memory or memory card and the messages deleted to free up space.
Sound files could be a source of problems, and users should be encouraged to keep most music on mass memory or memory card. The pre-installed ringtones will always be in phone memory and cannot be moved by the user. It is sometimes wise to keep files used as ringtones in phone memory, but in the case of memory problems all others should be moved to other memories.
Video clips can be very large and should also be stored wherever possible on mass memory or memory card.
Documents includes files in PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, PPS, TXT formats and more. These are unlikely to be occupying large amounts of space but if they are, the offending files should be moved into other memories.
MIDP apps (Java applications) and SIS (Symbian) applications are sometimes best left in phone memory, indeed some (like Mail for Exchange, Nokia Messaging, Nokia Maps etc.) are automatically installed to phone memory. It is, though, possible to install some apps to mass memory or memory card. You cannot move applications as easily as other files, they need to be uninstalled from the Application Manager and reinstalled, choosing the alternative memory if given a choice during the installation.
Other files include any file that the phone cannot identify as one of the other types, and will be mostly system files from the phone itself and system files from other installed applications. It may be possible that some system files are left in memory after their master application is removed from the phone. The only way to reduce this figure is to reformat the device (which will be covered later).
Troubleshooting “Memory full” errors – step 3

Once we have established that there is not a genuine issue with memory, our next cause of action is to hard reset the phone, but we need to be careful in the way we do this.

First, protect the data by making a backup using PC Suite or Ovi Suite. It is not recommended to use the phone’s in-built facility, especially on phones with an operating system earlier than S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2. Some S60 3rd Edition FP2 phones do have the feature to select certain elements to be included in a backup, but older versions of the Symbian OS just made a single backup with all phone data, but even if the customer has an FP2 device, it is best if the backup is made externally.
Reformat (hard reset) the device using the code *#7370# (you will be prompted for the lock code, sometimes referred to as the security code; this will either be the default 12345 or your personal code).
After reformatting the device, test whatever had been causing the memory full error before restoring the backup to ensure that the issue is solved.
Restore the backup to the phone, but when you reach the page where you the select which items to restore, untick “Settings” because this is most often where the corruption causing the memory error lies.
The additional precautions in the backup and restoration of data help to avoid the risk that the corrupt data that caused the issue (which could be included in the data backed up) could be restored back to the phone along with the user’s data.

If even after taking these precautions, the problem still returns after restoration of the backup,
The use may need to reformat the device again and be more selective about what the restore afterwards. In extreme cases, it may take several attempts, but usually simply leaving out Settings from the restoration is all that is needed.
Typical S60 3rd Edition or S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1:

Typical S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 and S60 5th Edition:

Hard reset or Software Update?

It is arguably possible that performing a software update can have the same effect as the hard reset in some cases, but this won’t be the case in many recent models because we now have a feature called “User Data Protection” which prevents the deletion of user data during a software update, and also therefore the corrupt data that is causing the issue will also be protected, so it is good practice to bypass the software update and go straight to the hard reset.

User Data Protection was first introduced in the N82, and has been a feature in all N-series models launched since then, plus a growing selection of E-series and other S60 phones. For the main part, this new feature is a huge bonus, but this issue is one downside of it!

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Re: E71 not enough memory

Thanks ACGBARRASA, this is an extremely valuable post!
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Re: E71 not enough memory

I was having the same problem, getting only 3 or 4 MBs left with warnings from the Nokia Suite software of low memory.  Even removing or deleting files only freed up a small amount.


What I discovered recently was that if I deleted the contents of my email "Deleted" folder with the Empty Folder option, freed up a lot more memory.  Prior to that I was marking all of the messages and then deleting all.  Emptying the entire folder seems to do a much better job of restoring memory.



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Re: E71 not enough memory

Hi Tim! Thank you so much for your post:smileyvery-happy: I love this phone and had been experiencing the problem for a while now and was reluctantly ready to consider getting another one lol, your post was super and immediately helpful. Thank you again and
have a blessed day!:smileyvery-happy: