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E72 - Wireless Problem - "invalid server name"

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Re: E72 - Wireless Problem - "invalid server name"

I want to add somthing that I detected, when I leave my wireless network without  key password, it will work in my phone, but when I keep password it show invalid server name.

I hope to solve this problem..

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Re: E72 - Wireless Problem - "invalid server name"

Solved the problem for E72, Detailed Instructions here -

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Re: E72 - Wireless Problem - "invalid server name"

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Re: E72 - Wireless Problem - "invalid server name"

first thing first,hello to all.i have bought my e72 about 20 days ago...last few days it has began to appear named problem.few days before it begain in totaly,after first "invaild server name" error i used reload and then all comes back to normal.i haved tryed few solutions from discussion topic,like:"dns-ip(","dissabeling "power saving smthing"","something from "conectivity"and"wlan wizard",and some other things(cant remember now wich)... im not having my own personal wireless modem,im using it from my unprotectred neighbours connections,hotspots,and all other unprotected conections all ower my city(when it was workin,it was worging perfect).becouse my english isnt so perfect, i was disabled to understand all words and not quite verset in all those things like:"DNS","AES","DHCP",and similar... so im forced to request some summary in mind of be hones,i didnt read all of the posts,becouse of my hendicap,but i did read the most of. thanks in advance!

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Re: E72 - Wireless Problem - "invalid server name"


-Change the WLAN Security mode = 802.1x. FAIL
-rebooting FAIL
-automatic IP address FAIL
-Ph0nema advice FAIL
-mrbuggy advice;it wont even connect to online says:server timeout FAIL
-reloading page after error(invaild server name) FAIL(but it did work before,only i never came to error,i use it before it comes out) FAIL
-ozidug advice on changing DNS addressis( and FAIL
-power saving FAIL
-@ other advices;i cant test them,becouse im using 3rd party connections and dont have my own wifi modem.
i've been testing this problem by my self,and results are;
i have managed to connect one connection and to open web pages.i just testested few connections cuz im been bussy on other locations to try it.before this irritating problem showed up i was abled to use all mather wich,as long as its unprotected.

im not getting it,is phone IP something that you get from your net provider/modem/connection or its somewhere on the phone?

i readed this post,ill quote;

The problem with "invalid server name "on all Nokia phones is from a faulty chipset inside.

That means U cannot fix thru a software update.

That`s why Nokia is shutting up on this problem.

They know about this.

But management think like this:

Rate of return to warranty is low so why bother.


If U have this issue go to warranty.

If U don`t have warranty sale it quickly.

That`s it."

im not aggre with it.becouse,if it so,then i would not be able to connect some other connection,and others would not solve this problem.i claim that this is software problem,and it culd be solved but it needs to be invest efforts.
as someone sayed,nokia is not some random company,selling they devices for 20$,or five letters on something expecting from them to "invest eforts" and solve this,and other,minor,but major,problems.


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Re: E72 - Wireless Problem - "invalid server name"

Dear all, I have this issue indeed with one specific wlan router at a certain restaurant I often visit. It's a combination of Nokia and some kind or wlan/router chip I guess.

Yesterday I tested a brand new C7-00 and interesting to see was it had the same problem. Connecting once with both works and I get my homepage then after selecting anything else I get a long waiting time and then the by all described error.

Mac. Iphone. Ipad and a BB Torch don't have this issue for I also tested them at that spot.

But again this issue only happened at that place, other places work fine, and I know that they have an old router (Dutch KPN ADSL router/modem/wlan).

Success with finding the solution but I give up, replacing the wlan router would solve the problem.

I heard by the way that also some router brand had problems with Ipad wlan connection, replacing that router also solved the problem (no details but I can get that if needed).

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Re: E72 - Wireless Problem - "invalid server name"

i have an E71 and an E72, with both having the same settings trying to access the WLAN at home. the E71 is able to connect but E72 fails connection with 'invalid server name' and sometimes error: unble to connect. 


anyone can help me? greatly appreciated...

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