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Re: E72 having issues with phone memory - Memory f...

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Accepted Solution

E72 having issues with phone memory - Memory full occupied by "Other files"

E72 having issues - My phone always shows Phone memory full. When i checked the full memory, nothing is being installed and about 250 mb is used by some folder " Other files " - This folder is not present in phone neither when we connect cable.


I know nokia sucks as i have seen this problem and people suggest full backup. When i am trying to backup - I get a error message - Phone memory full - move memory to other memory and try backing up. This is silly.


Pls note - I use my company Emails on the phone.


Any one has answers to this problem - Nokia  - Are u hearing ????? , Please help

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Re: E72 having issues with phone memory - Memory full occupied by "Other files"

Try first to clear browser cache. If you've used the browser but never cleared the cache, you will hopefully get a few megs back.

If you have any 3rd party apps installed on your phonememory, try uninstall some of them.

Now, reboot your phone and see if you can be able to make a back up.

If you have successfully made a back up, I would try to soft reset the device as it wipes the phone memory. It will delete all content installed by u on the phonememory such as contacts hence the reason of backing up.

Most likely it will clear up as much as possible in "other files" too.

I guess it's possible to install a filemanager such as y browser and look for files to delete, but I cannot help you with this as I have never had the time to look around to find exactly what other files is. I believe it is different files and cache stored in different folders, therfor it's probably a mess trying to sort that out. Hence, It's easier to just soft reset it.

If you cannot get enough space by deleteing browser cache nor uninstalling apps (or you don't have any apps), you could try to change message memory to memory card. If it's the first time you should be prompt to copy all over.

To make sure you reach Nokia, please use the 'contact us' tab on the top of this page as this is mainly a user to user forum.

We who contribute here is end users like u trying to help each others out. Sometimes nokia employees in green drops by, but that is entirely on volunteer basis in their spare time. The mods here are only moderators.
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Re: E72 having issues with phone memory - Memory full occupied by "Other files"

I had the same problem and found the cause to be the 'Deleted Items' for my email accounts which weren't empty and contained hundreds of messages. I had assumed that these were synchronised like the Inbox and Sent email folders. I wasn't aware that the phone keeps separate copies of deleted messages until they are explicitly deleted by emptying the deleted items. After deleting all the deleted email messages, I now have about 170MB of free phone memory whereas before I was down to about 20MB.

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