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Re: Editing music tags on N8 Belle

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Editing music tags on N8 Belle

I remember that on my old n95 8gb I could edit the tags of music, when I went to info of a song, could just select a box and type in it to edit the tags of the song.


but on my n8, when I go to info, it shows the info but I cannot edit it. why was this feature removed?? and is there any way to get it back?

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Re: Editing music tags on N8 Belle

I agree with you. First I had to find an app for the equalizer and now I need to find a app for editing my own music (literally). I'm searching for a solution now.
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Re: Editing music tags on N8 Belle

You may use this app to edit the tags.
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Re: Editing music tags on N8 Belle

I guess if you want Visualisations like on the N96 then you need another app...... Anybody knows such an app?

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