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Re: Feedback: Why the E7-00 is the last Nokia Phon...

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Feedback: Why the E7-00 is the last Nokia Phone I will own

Nokia, I hope you're listening.


The E7-00 I have now will for sure be my last Nokia phone.  I had another that died an untimely death and was replaced.  So for those of you keeping track, that's about $850  out of pocket for Nokia Hardware. That doesn't even count my prior E71 (which was a masterpiece BTW.)   The original phone had the Anna update.  The new phone can't even get it yet--despite having it Oct 31st on my original phone. 


So after another $404 to replace my phone, it's so unstable compared to my original phone, I can't believe it.  I have no update available to me.  I've even tried a hard reset to make sure the phone was clean.  And after spending over an hour on the phone and fighting with customer care yesterday, I am waiting 2-3 days on a callback for some team that wasn't available to help.  Why do you not set target dates for code releases?  Why did I have to beg and plead with customer support just to ask to file a formal complaint because there was no "include me on the update for my product code early." request process.  No answers.  It's a blackhole of uncertainty.  This is your problem in the US.


The only good thing I can say is that the new E7 seems to have better call quality--now if it will just not crash long enough for me to talk on it. 


So Nokia--you have the best hardware and always have.  Symbian I can see not being the thing for a lot of people--but I love it.  But you've left it to the wayside and never clearly stated what you will do with it going forward. So I'm feeling abandoned here and then to top it off, I can't better service than I did yesterday after spending out of pocket on your product.   


When I replace this E7 it will be with an Android handset most likely.  I am not interested in having a Windows Phone and you seem to have given up on Sybmian and your loyal customers.  Mental note Nokia--when your customers  pay non-subsidized prices for phones, they don't want to be in the black hole of no service, which is where you have put anyone with a Symbian/Nokia phone in the US.  It's no mystery you can't get and keep market share here.

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Re: Feedback: Why the E7-00 is the last Nokia Phone I will own

I can sympathise with you.


With the exception of a brief flirtation with Sony Ericsson I've been a Nokia customer through and through but I'm finding it a bit frustrating these days.


Like you, I bought a top price, unsubsidised (SIM free) Nokia phone, an E6, upon release in the UK and feel I am in some sort of black hole or service void because of it.


Upon release, the E6 firmware had more than it's fair share of bugs. The first firmware update was released four months ago now and the Nokia UK website clearly states there to be an updated version available. Yet still no updates are available for my E6, all the while some people are now onto the second firmware update for the E6. Contact with Nokia support just gets a copy & pasted reply that doesn't answer my question or tell me anything I can't read elsewhere.


Not the kind of experience that originally built up my preference for Nokia in the first place. This is more like my experience with Sony Ericsson and I'm not going there again.

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Re: Feedback: Why the E7-00 is the last Nokia Phone I will own


Nokia is not listening.


If they were, they would have had an updated firmware out already.


In fact, this december may be the last month they will produce the last of E7's - What's your guess how long they will provide support to a discontinued faulty buggy?


I guess the "big N" has been busy designing these awesome new webpages and writing to santa.


I am fed up with this phone ----> big N: take it and stick it where the sun dont shine

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Re: Feedback: Why the E7-00 is the last Nokia Phone I will own

Hi Road_Warrior, please email me at so I can check with Nokia Care management in the US why you got a replacement phone that can't get Anna.

Unfortunately not all versions (aka variants) of each phone get the updates at the same time. The schedule may differ for an operator variant, and in some cases by country or region.

Thank you for posting here and sharing your feelings. We in the Discussions team will take your feedback forward - as we do for many topics here every day - and share it with the relevant teams at Nokia.

I wrote all my posts from 2005-2011 as an "Admin" for this community. I still work for Nokia as an external consultant, so my rank in all posts is now "Employee".
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Re: Feedback: Why the E7-00 is the last Nokia Phone I will own

why did you have to pay $404 for a new phone, because of an an issue with the old phone that should be covered by warranty?





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Re: Feedback: Why the E7-00 is the last Nokia Phone I will own

I purchased E7 this year and it crashed yesterday. The customer service originating from Phillipine is worse than any I have experienced and continue to be Nokia's downfall. While I have been a loyal customer of Nokia's products, I agree that Nokia is not listening to its coustomers' concerns, leading me to believe that Nokia will eventually relinquish its US market.

Nokia's customer service is at best a disaster and its Phillipine customer service, a disaster. I hope to pursue my case and hope that Nokia will recognize that customers spend their money and its products are not and that customer service is not a favor, but mandatory product support.


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