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General: Memory full. Close some applications and ...

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General: Memory full. Close some applications and try again.

Hi everyone,

I am using the nokia e90 and recently it has been giving me the error msg "general: memory full. close some applications and try again. I have no background applications running. no ringtones, pictures or anything that would take up space. My phone is literally empty except for the contacts. I use ptt and and gprs once in a bluemoon. why does this error come? i have to format my phone with the code *#7370# and reset the phone and in about 1 week i face the same prob. Why? I read a lot where people said that it had something to do with the ram being used up and there being less memory but how come this happens with a phone which has no applications or anything that would use the memory? I have upgraded to the latest firmware with the hope this would be solved but not solved.

DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO SOLVE IT? This happens to a lot of symbian phones. Why? 


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Re: General: Memory full. Close some applications and try again.

Hi, I assume that Nokias (phone) memory administration is not able to handle too many contacts. I tried several Nokias - recently 6680 and the brand new 5800 Express Music for use in business (between 3.000 and 4.300 contacts) always with th latest software and firmware - synchronizing with Outlook using the Nokia PC Suite. There is still a lot of space available in the phone contact memeory - after loading the same problem always - either a message after a fresh reboot saying "contacts: vcommandmgr: memory full, try again later or "no access to contacts stored in phone memory" . In German " Kein Zugriff auf in Telefonspeicher gespeicherte Kontakte" . But dialing from the "Recent calls lists" - is possible. All contacts are loaded from the PC, they can be browsed on the Nokia phone, but you can not use/click them for automatic dialing. But maybe 1 hr later you can use the same adresses - without switching or modifying anything. I read desperate mails in the internet about these problems - no idea for help. I consulted the local Nokia repair shop (waranty) - they reinstallled everything - no change. Re-synchronizing/actualizing from PC Nokia PC Suite fails - no access to contacts in the phone. But all memories and files in the mobile phone can be seen. If you find somebody who has helpful hints - please contact me :-) .
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Re: General: Memory full. Close some applications and try again.

HI Everyone, I have recently purchased a new Nokia 5800 and i am facing the same problem wherein the error comes stating "aknnfysrv: Memory Full. Please close some applications and try again". Can somebody explian why this error is coming. I have already formatted by phone and also my memory card, however the error persists.



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Re: General: Memory full. Close some applications and try again.

As exciting as it can be, to see what Nokia Beta Labs is coming up with, Nokia really needs to allocate some serious resources to what appears to be a bad memory handling problem, with their phone's OS. I cannot help but think this problem is related to the one whereby many of us cannot access any application's help files, from the phone. "Memory full" is not acceptable, when there's so much RAM memory still available.


What I mean to say is, I don't have a solution to these critical problems and it's getting a little depressing that it appears Nokia doesn't, either.

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Re: General: Memory full. Close some applications and try again.

Assuming that obscure characters in my Outlook Contacts may cause the storage problems I converted all contacts from .pst to Characters in Excel .csv by exporing them, deleted all in Outlook and imported them back to Outlook on the PC. Then I deletet all contacts on the Nokia 5800 + factory reset, I synchronized again with Nokia PC Suite - phone memory full message still appears - but as before 60 MBytes free.  I reduced the amout of contacts to 2.700 - no change, the message still appears from time to time and blocks the Nokia phone exactly when you need it. My assumpion: Nokia 5800 (and my Symbians before) are not able to handle this amount of contacts - phone memory management obviously fails, is static and not overflow protected.  Unfortunately also Nokia PCSuite is not able to handle Categories of Outlook/Exchange (years ago when a phone was not yet an address book - with a Siemens phone I introduced a Category "ToHandy" in Outlook  in order to synchronize and use these adresses marked only on the old phones.). Resigning to do it with PCSuite I then bought and downloaded a more convenient tool named Winfone_mobile 2.0 (for some reasons you have to take the professional version for around 60 Euros). It took me a couple of hours to add on Outlook on the PC  a Category "ToHandy" to my most importand business friends and family members - this process will go on for a couple of weeks I guess.  Winfone_mobile 2.0 allows filtering by categories. By the way - I had similar problems on the iPhone with my contacts. But after "cleaning" them by export / import in .csv magically my iPhone tuned up - no problems any more with 4.300 contacts locally as well as over the exchange server. Why I still use the Nokia 5800? Because my provider EPLUS with my business phone number does nor support iPhones ;-( .

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Re: General: Memory full. Close some applications and try again.

I tried various options. I cleaned up the contacts, changed the memory setting, even downloaded the latest version of firmware from the net. None of that worked. Finally I took my phone to Nokia care center and they reloaded the latest version of OS which finally worked. I think there was a bug in the older version of OS of this phone.

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Re: General: Memory full. Close some applications and try again.

Hey dreamsahil,


If u r still having issues with the "aknnfysrv: memory full" error, try this:


If u r using a Vodafone connection, de-activate Vodafone Live or Vodafone Flash - the problem is taken care of.