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Re: Gmail Sync Issues in Nokia E72

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Gmail Sync Issues in Nokia E72

I have been using Nokia E72 for quite some time now and was pretty happy with the email client. I am using Gmail through IMAP for more than a year now on my Nokia E72. However, lately the Gmail has stopped synchronization with the email servers. While the mail shows connected but new mails are not fetched from the server despite several attempts.


While I am still able to send mails from my already configured gmail account and that is working fine but new mails retrievals from the server is not working for any reason I am not able to find


I have also tried to delete this account and reconfigure the GMAIL via IMAP4 however the results are still the same.


Can anyone help me with the possible solutions to this problem. My phone software is updated to the letest version available on Nokia Suite.


If this problem still persists for a long time and I am unable to find a solution for the same I fear I might have to move to a different phone possibly an Android or a Blackberry. The last email retrieved on my phone was on February 16, 2012 and after that there are 100s of emails exchanged but my phone doesn't sync!!!


Pls help!

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Re: Gmail Sync Issues in Nokia E72

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Had the same problem with my E6..but then I throw away that piece of $$#% phone. Now I'm using NOKIA E72 again. 

To get the best sync(even better than on your PC) you have to create a Mail for Exchange profile.

Its very very easy, and the best thing is, that it will sync your Contacts and Calender in REAL Time with your mobile.

Look at this:


But first you have to delete your IMAP Profile from your phone!!!



-OH AND MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR CONTACTS!!! Because the default sync is : MAIL to PHONE. It can delete all your contact. So you have to copy them later, after the profile is syncing.



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Re: Gmail Sync Issues in Nokia E72

Many thanks for your response. This has worked out for me and is much faster than my earlir gmail setup.

Sincere thanks again

best regards,
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