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I want my N8 back to the way when I first bought i...

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I want my N8 back to the way when I first bought it!

I found after anna that I had a lot more glitches and for the first time had to turn it off because it froze.  I also found the colours difficult to read (yellowish brown on dark grey?!) Now I have Belle and all the intuitiveness has disappeared into individual widgets - eg tapping the clock gave me my alarms, the date brought up the calendar etc. Now I don't even have the date on my homescreen!  But when the nokia msgs pop up eg snooze or silence I can't even read it!  For the first time, I'm really unhappy with Nokia

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Re: I want my N8 back to the way when I first bought it!

Likewise, not happy Nokia,   I want my N8 back to having a working calendar like when i bought it.


My calendar has stopped working.  Unlike the other other dud calendar post, for me no update was necessary for it to get broke. 

I'm still on PR1.2 (after reports of memory leaks and worse battery life with updates, happy to have it working as I bought it)... Nokia phone service no help, they suggested factory reset, which did nothing good, but did destroy my home screens settings and arrangements (BTW, for next time, is there a way that can be backed up, a user settings file to save?)...
C'mon nokia, get onto it pls....Calendar just deciding to stop working is v .serious, meetings and appointments( eg medical ones) get missed

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