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Re: International layouts removed in Wireless Keyb...

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International layouts removed in Wireless Keyboard application?


I used to use an Apple wireless keyboard (bluetooth) with my N80, on which I used the standard "wireless keyboard" app. In there I could map whichever layout I was using: in my case AZERTY (poor French with a strange layout that no one else is using).

Having "upgraded" to an N95 8Go, I decided to buy an aluminium Apple Wireless keyboard (more comfortable than the Nokia foldable one, and much cheaper). It is compatible, but for some strange reason Nokia decided to:
1) remove the international layouts from the Wireless Keyboard application: no French layout anymore; we're stuck with qwerty
2) include the application in the firmware: it cannot be removed and replaced by another better version!

I'm very dissapointed; for a device that Nokia is calling a "multimedia computer", I have a handset with a 3G radio working only in Europe, and possibilities of using keyboards targeting mainly American users... That's really strange. Especially considering that the layouts were included in previous versions.

If the reason was to push the Nokia foldable keyboard, then it would be widely avaible: it's not (out of stock in many places), so it's not even the reason.

And even if it were: if you touch type, it's nearly impossible to use a keyboard which doesn't match the layout you're used to.

If anyone has an explanation regarding this move, I'm interested! And if anyone has a fix for this (or an alternate driver which could be used for HDI bluetooth keyboards) I'm most interested too.
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Re: International layouts removed in Wireless Keyboard application?

have you try to update your phone? the latest version 15 of the firmware got the french layout alredy.
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Re: International layouts removed in Wireless Keyboard application?

I'm using the lastest version of the firmware on my N95 8GB(v15.0.015), there are no international layouts within the Wireless Keyboard application.

What French layout were you exactly talking about?
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Re: International layouts removed in Wireless Keyboard application?

Hi there!


I have exactly the same problem.

I bought the apple wireless keyboard for my N95 but I cant change the keyboard layout for use with special chracters li "é, á, ê, â, ñ, î, í, ô, ç" to write in Portuguese.


Do you had any news about this issue?

It is really annoing this...



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