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Re: Is the 808 still being manufactured?

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Is the 808 still being manufactured?

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The rumour is that Nokia will announce a WP phone with the 808's camera, at a show in March.


Obviously, if this is true, they will drop the 808 pronto.


What I wonder is whether they are going to ever fix the HSPA bug. I am looking to buy an 808 but don't want to pay €400 or so for a 3G-only phone which, here in the UK, runs at about 200kbits/sec at best.


I have been contacting everybody selling the 808 (both those on - all grey importers from Malaysia or HK - and others selling off amazon) and most of them have no idea on production; they are just "fronts"; order takers for shipping firms in Malaysia etc. A few have replied with IMEIs of their stock but they are all very old ones.


The only IMEI we so far hear has worked is 35196505191xxxx which was bought from Barl Trading which is an trader so presumably it was bought in the UK. Barl Trading have never responded to any communications whatsoever. But that IMEI is a long way later than any others reported here.

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Re: Is the 808 still being manufactured?

This has been asked several times the search bar is on top of page.
The 808 is still been produced but id say it will finish production soon.

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