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Re: Issue with HDMI adapter of N8 (Please help)

New Member
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Issue with HDMI adapter of N8 (Please help)

Okay here's the thing.

I just bought a Nokia N8 yesterday and it works great so far but there's only 1 problem.
I tried to connect a standard HDMI cable (the one I got when I bought a Sony TV) to the HDMI adapter provided with the N8. However, the standard HDMI cable just won't fit in to the adapter.
Am I using the wrong HDMI cable? Anyone knows what's the problem? Please help me :smileyhappy:

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Re: Issue with HDMI adapter of N8 (Please help)

Are you using the right adapter ? You could be trying the USB To Go adapter by mistake. I haven't had any problems using various HDMI cables with mine.

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Re: Issue with HDMI adapter of N8 (Please help)

If you don't mind spending some more money you can buy mini HDMI to HDMI cable. It will work just fine, without the adapter.
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Mobile Sensei
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Re: Issue with HDMI adapter of N8 (Please help)

If you've opened the small HDMI cover on the end of the phone, and the supplied cable fits in the port, then you are using the correct cable, if the cable from your TV will not fit in the Normal sizws female end of the HDMI adaptor, then one of them os faulty or damaged, as a stendard |HDMI cable fits easily enouch into the cable provided in the box by Nokia !

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