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Literally freezing

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Literally freezing

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Hi everyone,


In the last few days, we have removed a number of posts from this board by various users recommending the placement of mobile devices in the refrigerator as a cure for issues causing the phone to freeze (please pardon the pun).

I am personally appealing to all users: PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS.


The fridge is a sealed unit with a cold damp atmosphere which could itself cause accelerated oxydization of metallic components and electronic circuitry of the phone. Also, when you take the device out of the cold fridge into your centrally-heated house (for users in the northern hemisphere) or your warm ambient temperatures (for users in the southern hemisphere and equatorial regions), cold particles of air from the fridge inside the phone may quickly melt into liquid form just as snow becomes rain when the temperature rises. Remember that no warranty of ANY electronic device will cover damage caused by water ingress.


I cannot stress enough that this short-term "fix" is likely to cause you long term issues. If you have problems with your Nokia device, check first to see if t here is a software update available for your phone, then as a second line of defence please refer to a Nokia Care point if necessary.

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