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Memory Full. Close some applications and try again...

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Memory Full. Close some applications and try again. (N95)

I have an N95 which has this problem:


Everytime I try to change the ringtones or message tones on my phone, the message "Memory Full. Close some applications and try again" comes up and I can't change anything.


This issue has been going on since I've removed my 8GB memory card from the phone a while ago and used it as a pendrive on my PC. I have formatted this memory card using NTFS file system and when I put it back on the phone, the operating system reformated it using its file system. From then on, the phone never worked properly again.


I have replaced the memory card by a new one and nothing happened. I have done the hard-reset, used the Nokia Software Updater and everything, and nothing happens. It has been flashed too. I am using a tool called Handy Taskman and the only application open is "Standby". Nothing else.


Not to mention that when I used this Nokia Software Updater a few months ago it has DEBRANDED my phone (whatever "debranded" means) and because of this, Nokia told me that I have voided my warranty. How could I possibly do such thing with their own software?


The funny thing is that when I remove the memory card, that message "Memory Full. Close some applications and try again"  doesn't come up anymore. It happens only when there is a card inside the slot (whatever size that is).


Any suggestions? Please help me. It's such an expensive toy and I'm due to smashing it at the wall.


Software Version:

V 31.0.017


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Re: Memory Full. Close some applications and try again. (N95)

Let me give you a nokia type response.


Hello customer. 


Thanks for using nokia problems, sorry your phone is old, sorry you wanted the latest update to improve our **bleep** messed up phones.  Since you changed the software from the network customized one, we can turn our backs on you.  So buy a new phone, perhaps the N96 & if you try to customize that one we'll void your warranty. 


Thanks for using Nokia, good luck with those batteries.

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Re: Memory Full. Close some applications and try again. (N95)

Now i can't believe they sensored my descriptive word, it was a word to describe how i feel towards nokia products and the attitude towards customers who simply want to use their products, the arrogance, it does not make sense.


Low memory, we're talking RAM here as i use to have that problem with the original firmware but luckily they sorted it with that dymanic memory paging thing, to think they actually released such an expensive phone that couldn't properly multi-task. 


& they wont take a look @ it, what part of the country do you live, i know a shop that will probably do a repair under warranty.  But they'll probably just update your firmware again.


Since updating to V31 firmware, did you do it, are you technical with that, did you try the usual ideas, hardreset, firmware reinstall etc, switch the phone off (ensure your security code & pin is off also) hold * + 3 + call key (the phone memory will be erased, contacts settings, etc) so perhaps a backup (without settings)


Depends on what you've tried.  Blank phone, blank memory, it still does the problem??



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Re: Memory Full. Close some applications and try again. (N95)

I tried everything. As I said, it has been flashed twice, hard-reset several times, updated another couple of times. And I switched it off many times and put it back on again to see if something happened... Nothing...


The other things WERE working fine until last week, when the system crashed when I tried to browe the internet connecting through my wireless router. I gave it a break and tried again (thinking that it was a unusual problem) and again, nothing happened. Now I've got a £400 phone (that was the price it cost then), which rings the Nokia tune ONLY and doesn't connect to the internet through a wireless access point.


To be honest with you, sometimes I want to smash this piece of junk at the wall and claim off my insurance.


Funny enough, I have contacted the guys who developed the operating system Symbian. They were outstandingly helpful and tried to do whatever they could to help but they also told me that this device in particular (N95) is a very problematic device and that Nokia has been trying to resolve these issues without their advice.


That is the main problem with open-source software. Idiots are legally entitled to modify these programs and they end up like this: a bunch of Finnish stupids trying to mess with something they know nothing about and trying to apply a system to a device that has always been rubbish.


I am not surprised why this model has been "taken out" of the market and replaced by the N95 8GB. They say that they are the same thing - but the 8GB one has a built-in memory (that's what the sales people say). It is a lie!!! The hardware is different (you can compare the two of them at and see by yourself) and the system is optmized to work with the 8GB model ONLY.


I've heard that there are some people who are updating the regular N95 with the N95 8GB system. It is a very risky process but I've also heard that some people did have success with such thing.


But let's be honest... It's good in a way, isn't it??? Now we know that we should never buy any Nokia device ever again and we will tell all our friends, family and people we know about this terrible customer service. I can guarantee that I made at least fifty-odd people going for other makes when buying a mobile phone. For this reason, I will buy another handset. But this time it will be some device with Windows Mobile or maybe a **bleep** cheap phone that only works as a phone (that's what my N95 works like)... And that will never be a Nokia again...