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My E51 can't switch on!!

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My E51 can't switch on!!



Yesterday, my E51 suddenly frozen. Then I switched off it and then switched on using power button.

While starting, Nokia logo appeared on the screen and after that I expect that the PIN screen will come.

But it stayed like a white screen. Light of the lcd is still on but none of the buttons doesnt work.

When I wait like that, then the backlight turns off, and when i hit any of the buttons, it again turns on.

When i try to shut down it using power button, it behaves like normal, Nokia logo appears and it shuts down.

I charged it, extracted the battery and put again, tried to open with no sim etc.

But no way.. When i turn it on then it shows only a white blank screen.


Do u have any advice on that?




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Re: My E51 can't switch on!!

Always remember to backup your phone before performing resets as your data may be lost.

Firstly take the battery out for 5 minutes or more and then replace and see if that makes any difference.

If the above doesn't work, then try the "3 finger deep reset" which is depress these three keys simultaneously "*" "3" "green phone" and then power on phone whilst keeping those same three keys depressed until you hear start-up tone.
This should ONLY be done if the device doesn't power up normally anymore and it wipes everything in the Phone memory that is not part of the ROM.


You will lose all your data if you did not previously backup your phone.

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