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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

Nokia 5800 and N97


Jack of all trades, master of none - not even a phone call on a gxm/3g border area


you disgust me


Nokia, how dare you be so ignorant towards us??


How very dare you ????


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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

I have very negative experience with my nokia n97.Previously I had an n95 wich was a good phone.This one is the worst phone what I ever had.The unlock botton is not working and somethimes I had to take out the battery to get into the menu,the updates are s*it and useless,the web browser keep shuting himself down of course when you need it urgently,when you set the alarm up it just turns off an you late from work.And the best happened a few days ago when I updated on sw ver 12.The WLAN function has completly gone from the phone....
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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

I've had my N97 for three months and have many reservations about its operation -


Battery runs down very quickly especially using WiFi, but even just as a phone it needs charging every 3 or 4 days.


The "time out" of Adobe Reader was VERY annoying and I havn't been able so far to download an active version even by paying.


I was sold the phone as having Skype as a native app. It hasn't, and no word of availability. VERY VERY annoying.


The GPS function is virtually unusable, also reqires a licence and requires cell connection, which when roaming makes it impossibly expensive to use.


The Symbian OS is the most wooden and un-intuative OS I've had the misfortune to have to use.


The scrolling function is hard to control, taking off at high speed.


OVER ALL - I FEEL I HAVE BEEN CHEATED OUT OF A GREAT SUM OF MONEY (NZ$1800) and although a long long term adherent to Nokia I willbe buying Apple from now on.

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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

Hi guys,


I received my N97 from Vodafone on a 24 month contract! 


Just been reading all the issues and found with the N97 a good number of them I also have.


Made a complant to Vodafone about the faults I have been having.


There reply was helpfull as they are sending me a new N97 tomorrow " I will keep you all informed if the new one has the same issues.


My problems.


First week.


1 screen became unreadable and fuzzy a bit like an old TV set from the 80's! Removed the battery as phone was unresponsive....?


2 applications freezing and locking up! Again no other choice but to remove the battery.....?


3 Battery meter giving off false readings! when trying to connect the charger the phone did not do anything for upto 1 1/2 hours before I could gain access to it....? This could of been an emergency very angry about that more than anything.


4 Memory states it's full not even got the phone past 29 GB....?


Week 2


Same problems.


Week 3


Received a SMS message from nokia regarding a firmware update 150 or so MB problems resolved NONE! 


Same problems. 


I will be receiving a new N97 on the 07/10/09 I will keep you updated.


If I receive any of the above issues I will be cancelling my contract with Vodafone. They on the otherhand might be able to get hold of nokia complants department. 






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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

I hope that your second device will work but i had the same problem and they send me a new phone.. dont rise your expectations cuz the same problems will remain. 


lets all cross fingers and hope the new software update will resolve all the issues and not be forcing to replace a $800 device so soon.


shame on you nokia 

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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

Got my N97 WHITE with a new contract o2 in germany, this device is a Desaster, even after software update, btw 10 to 11, since for some reson V12.0 or whatever is not available for my device. After 1,5months of normal usage the paint is chipping off the keyboard edge, the phone chrashes 5times a day or more, sometimes even during phonecalls.

for a phone in with this pricetag absolutly not accepteble. My luck o2 germany has a good service, change it 2 times under waranty, and i can and choose myself a decent (no more Nokia) handset, my nokia days are allmost done. 

Wake up Nokia stop using your custumers as guinea pigs for testing.

hasta la vista!!!


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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

Unfortunatelly I am among those who have bought a N96, and if I should mention all the problems I've had and still have with this mobile I would spend a day in here. Even my old Sony Ericsson K801 works better so yes defenitelly it's the last Nokia mobile bought it by me. Shame on Nokia !
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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

I own a 5800 for about 5 months now. The past month i also use a N97 . The problems mention by the author of the post are present in the 5800 as well as in N97.


As i have always used only Nokia devices, I will wait till the end of the year to see if there will be any major firmware update that makes 5800 up-to-date touchscreen phone and the N97 a real deal for its price (as currently its not - Its a easy way to waste your money) .


Even if such firmware updates are being released and they make those two models work normally and more user friendly, I am still unsure if I would buy another Nokia device. More likely that was my last experience with Nokia. 

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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

Firstly I would like to tell the OP that their post was well written, about as unbiased as you can be when furious and made me regret my purchase. More on that below.


I bought a n97 on contract from Optus (AU).

It is being couriered to me as we speak,I expect it tomorrow or the next day.

I am going to try it and if it does any:





I am taking it back straight away and buying an iPhone.

Which I hate.

I HATE iPhones.

if nokia make me buy and iPhone I will endeavour to tell everyone I know about how bad their products are.


I should also mention I am a Unix system administrator for one of the big three Australian Telecommunications Companies.I will get my revenge!



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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

[ Edited ]

Just had to add my voice to the long list of dissapointed users. I am so frustrated with the N97 and it's failure to perform. The GPS is unfunctional, i takes up to 30 mins to find a signal, and drops out several times ove a 45 min drive i need to know council municipalities  not common know suburb names.


ACCUweather is also ***bleep***, or i'm doing something wrong, i need to turn the phone off  for it to change the WI FI connection.


The phone i brought from a Melbourne based internet company and unfortunatley is made for the USA. and Nokia will not work with me to fix, (Great for an intenational company not to have an international warranty) 


I am finding that Nokia are great at loading your phone full of 3rd party sapplication that don't work and when you ask then for help they step back and tell you it's not our problem!!!


Finally don't both with the phones manual, I was looking for help in the hard copy manual and it told me to look up the internet which told me to look it up in the manual.



Sorry but this N97 is is such a failure it will bent the Nokia repretation. 

Message Edited by wildreamer on 11-Oct-2009 02:34 PM
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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

Thankfully, I'm one of the rare people who only had little issues with my N97. Well you can consider them little.. compared to the huge issues some people have. My phone's issues are:


1- I have to restart the phone to be able to use wifi everytime

2- Ring tone issue.. I set it to something but it changes back to the default Nokia tone

3- Messages issue? Whenever I send and recieve messages the timing of the messages is wrong.. meaning I get a new message yet it goes under the old message because the recieving time is 5 minutes before!!!!!!

4- Alarm.. it's so unreliable. If I set my Alarm at 6am, it will ring at 6:05am. 5 minutes after the time I set it everytime.. 

5- Slider is annoying as hell. 

6- Camera lens scratches... and the funny thing is, I contacted Nokia care UAE via email. Check out the hilarious response:


 they must be kidding right? What kind of quality testing if the phone cover scratches itself?! 

Dear Abdulla ,

Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

We sincerely regret to hear that you have been facing ongoing issues with your Nokia (N97) and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.
We wish to assure you that all Nokia products undergo a very thorough quality assurance program with extensive research and development. Nokia maintains the most stringent quality controls available so that we can confidently provide one of the most reliable products in the industry. Hence, there are no generic faults with this or any other Nokia mobile phones.  
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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

Of course it's annoying if an expensive device does not work, but that's not the case with every device. Some devices seems to have all kinds of problems, some don't. Some people have got their devices replaced and no worries since that. I am an administrator of 750 mobile phones and I have noticed that there are problems with all manufacturers and models - for some reason some phones work well and some similar phones don't. But i do admit that v10 wasn't ready at all.

My personal N97 (v12) works quite well and probably after v20 it's better. People who have been testing v20 have been very satisfied - stability, more RAM, kinetic scrolling and other improvements. 

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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

Regarding your memory being full despite you not having taken it below 29gb, it is referring to phone memory on your C: drive, which is only around 20mb. This gets full very easily, especially if you have lots of SMS/emails, download podcasts or use other applications that by default save to the C: drive.


So one you stop being a retard and realise it's referring to C: drive, not the 32gb internal memory, I'm sure you will resolve this one 'issue' fairly soon 

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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

[ Edited ]

The user radical24  posted the following advice concerning C: drive & other memory (E: memory/mass memory) on the thread Nokia 5800 Express Music Internal Memory Full. As a rule of the thumb, all Nokia's have relatively small C: drives compared to the memory cards they can accept. For example, my phone has around 135MB of usable C: drive compared with the 7.6GB usable space on the 8GB card installed. Like most microSDHC compatible devices, it will take the 16GB card - the highest available. The N97 should be nice because of the 32-odd GB onboard memory in addition to the C: drive AND microSDHC compatibility.


 This is the post:


tho this was intended for n97 it will still work for you phone in part. as it pertains to all c memory issues of all s60 phones. 



There are some things you can do to manage the C memory better/phone memory.

1. Clear your browser cache often

2. set different message allocation ( if you have not done so already)
messaging- options- settings- other ( set it to 999, and e memory)

3. Go to OVI store (app on your phone) and change that memory allocation for most apps.
opitons- account- settings- installation preferences

4. Remove Facebook, Accu Weather, Bloomberg, apps from the C drivve and reinstall them via OVI store and place them in the E memory/mass memory

NOTE: If you are using Nokia Messaging application, it can only store data on the C drive so keep that in mind

NOTE: RAM is another issue with N97. Don't keep too many apps running at the same time as it will run out of RAM and either close all applications on the spot or crash the phone and result in restart.

BETTER RAM management : Here are some things to consider

also consider investing in the best taskman 1.99$ in the ovi store or y browser (free) to manage your ram and all the apps that are runnig on the phone that you might want to close if you are not using them.

now y browser is free, it has a great amount of stuff you can do with it, but it is not as easy to use as best taskman and it does not look so pretty- that is if you care about looks over function.



and here are the codes in case you need them




 With all these operations I recommend you TAKE OUT MEMORY CARD and DO A BACK UP OF YOUR STUFF!!!


NOTE: In front of the hash key ( #) there is also a STAR key that people often miss and state that the code does not work. 1. *#7780# - Restore factory settings - resets all the settings to the default ( you will not lose any data) Make sure you back up your data as you will lose all of it when you perform option 2 or 3 on this list. The default code for ALL operations listed here is 12345. *#7370# - Reformat your phone (out of the box, tho keep in mind that most newer nokia phones at least n series, e series and s60 based phones have udp - user data preservation so not ALL data may be lost. still it is a good idea to always do a back up of your stuff.)3. This you perform as a last resort. Nothing else is working.If the phone is not showing any activity, proceed with hard formatting , turn off your phone, hold the following buttons while pressing the power button. (the default code is 12345)hard reset - hold the following buttons * (star key), 3 (number button) and talk/green key. turn on the phone and do not release those buttons until you see the Nokia boot up screen. once you feel the phone power up you can let go off the power button while still holding all three buttons ( for Nokia 5800XM - use the following buttons to do a hard reset, /GREEN/RED/CAMERA keys pressed all at once on power up. this will only work on 5800's that have firmware version 20... and up. ) For Nokia N97 (unofficial version but works) is SHIFT /SPACE BAR / BACKSPACE while holding the power button. Again do not let go until you see the handshake screen.

If these codes are not working the only thing for you to do is contact your Nokia Care Center/Service for assistance.

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Symbian connected me to the world, to my dreams.. Thank-you Nokia
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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

Hi guys!!


Very interesting thread here. I read almost every post and I have to say to you guys: GOOD LUCK!!


Sorry for the caps lock but I have to tell you one story about my phone. My phone is actually pretty new, expencive (400€ (about 370pounds), it has also lot's of specs and it has none of reliability and usability. My phone is Nokia N79.


Now a days it runs firmware version 30.019 (and unfortunality I think they wont bother to release another update for this phone).


First when I got my phone it was running on firmware version 10. It was terribly bad. Camera program ruined battery life, None software didn't support N79, twice a day reboot was a minimium, actually anything didn't work.


Then came versio 11. Well gues the story. Only funny memory about that firmware version was they made loading bars roll (on fw 10 they didn't roll, they were stopped).


After version 11 we jumped to 20. Some speed updates came, but story is short. Tons and tons of bug were still there and it was terribly bad to use phone.


Aaaand after that we move to the current software version 30. I can tell you that:


- My phone functionalitily isn't working ( I can't hear anything but they can. I have to tell them to call me again, Then I can hear them also).

- Sometimes when writing SMS just getting one (1) letter to text takes sometimes more that 10 seconds(usually 5-10).

- Reboots are still here with battery removal. Sometimes after reboot phones crash right a way and I have to take battery away again, because power button isn't working.

- Battery indicator isn't working. If I have 5/6 bars left of battery, after reboot there will be 3/6 left and those 3 bars is gone and FAST

- Pictures program (a.k.a. gallery) is fun. When I open it I get: 1. blurry picture, then 2. MORE blurry picture and then 3. after 10 to 30 seconds I get picture that I want with no blurry.

- Sometimes I just can't get 3G connection --> boot again)

- After installing every 3rd party softwares from C: drive to memory card I have less that 35 mb:s of free on C.

- Guess how many times my browser crashes. And guess what, I just CAN'T go to Apple's web site. And I don't know why.

- What about the camera. Starting up by opening camera when keypad is locked the first attemp is useless. I have to close it because anything happens. After second attemp, phone opens it keypad and when I open camera 3rd time then phone realize to open camera software (and it takes a loooong time).

- Gues how hard it is to use 7gb collection of music with my phone.... Not funny.


and blaa blaa blaa. There is tons of more this same so called poo, but I think you got my point about my phone.


The whole idea of this message is: Good luck with your 500 pounds / 600+€ Nokia phones. I won't beleave they would be fixed some day.


And my last words. This is my last Nokia

Me, Mac and my misengineered N97
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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

Take a look at some of these posts...


One said the poster was retarded for not knowing the difference between RAM and drive C: mem...


Another was a full 2x 800x600 web pages long, that ended with take it to your nearest NSC...


You guys just don't get it do you...


When you buy a phone, guess what... it should work..  DUHH


Why the hell should anyone be nursing a phone like their 1st born child to get it to work?????


If that is really what rocks your boat then go ahead...  but let the rest of us rant on because this **bleep** Nokia has produced should never of seen the light of day & I can't think of any other industry that would have been allowed to get away with such a penny pinching piece of **bleep**, sold as a flagship.


Call me a troll if you like, but it won't change a thing... Nokia released an underspeced piece of **bleep** onto the unsuspecting public as a typical corporate ploy to get your money..  that is what people are **bleep** about.  Any early adaptors could put up with the odd bug.. but the N97 is not even at Alfa stage after 2 firmware updates.


You guys continue..  your real 1st born child will come and then you'll forget the N97 just like my sister forgot her cats after giving birth.  Unfortunately I can't rejoice with you since I've I had my 1st born with the N95-1.





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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

Thanks for the editing Mr. Modorator.. I didn't use a single sware word in that post but you made it look good..


Now... maybe you can convince the powers that be to use that seach & replace engine in the OVI store, maybe I can find the app I'm looking for!!!!


still corporate **bleep**

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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

I totally agree. What's the point in paying premium for a phone and then having to fix everything on our own?!


Nokia should know better. Btw this is me 3boodesta. I guess nokia didn't like my comment above so I can't even access my old account :smileyfrustrated:


btw people, I have been a Nokia fan ever since the 3310. They used to build solid reliable phones back then. Now.. not anymore. Everyone I know who has switched brands is really happy because Samsung and SE have become much more reliable and on par if not better in features. I guess I'm just gonna switch brands next time I shop for a phone. 

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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

Dude, My N95-1 and N93i runs out of juice every 24hours of average usage. I have to charge it every night before i got to bed.3 to 4days with average usage is very efficient. Yeah When I use WIFI on my N95, my battery will be out of juice in just 2hours to 4hours. Depending on how long I use it for each time and how many things in the background.


Remember this, When you turned on the wifi, you are turning on an extra hardware on the phone which absorbing the battery as well as the OS and Screen light. This is very common in a normal laptop as well as the phone.

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Re: My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

I agree. I too had an N95 which went faultlessly, until it went through the wash and couldn't be revived. I not long ago did a "Nuke reset" to fix a software issue on my N97. The nuke shift is holding down Caps Lock + Shift + Space + Del and pressing the power button. I just found out it retained all photos and music, etc on the internal memory but puts it back to more or less factory settings.
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