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N70-1 Memory Card Problem.

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N70-1 Memory Card Problem.

My phone detects the next information about the memory card:

-37 mb used.
-24 mb free.

Things as images, documents, applications, etc... are all using 0 bytes, except Videoclips using 4366 Kb.

Of course, i'm using the memory card that was in the original package.
I bought the phone just yesterday, still didn't use anything.
So, Shouldn't the memory card show at least 61mb(37+24) of free memory?
I've also checked the memory card content in my Pc getting the same result. Didn't find any folder, or archive, wich justify those 37mb used.

BTW, it's a free phone, under no operator.

Could it be a memory card problem? or a phone/OS problem?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: N70-1 Memory Card Problem.

I guess y have got 64 MB card and as it contains 4.X MB of video files I guess there should be at least 57 MB of available memory.
Try reformattin the card and let us know what happens.
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Re: N70-1 Memory Card Problem.

If you boughtthe phone with the card, you may find that there is some applications stored in the card. For example, Quick Office, Card Deck, Snakes, Info Print, Opera, Adobe Reader, Music Application etc....

Go to Application Manager and look for any Applications installed. Next to the name you will see an Icon (shape of a memory card) next to them if they are stored on the card.

Definatly worth having a look.
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Re: N70-1 Memory Card Problem.

I went to Application manager and found those applications, Opera, Adobe Reader, etc... indeed with an icon next to their names with the shape of a memory card, so they are the reason of those 37mb used in the memory card.

Thanks harperdg and korngear for your help :smileyhappy:.
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