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Re: N8 Belle -Screen / Phone freezing

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N8 Belle -Screen / Phone freezing

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How many of you are experiencing repeated screen / phone freeze? I have had this happen at least half a dozen times of late. It seemed to start after the latest update, which had a QT update included. Can't pin it down to any particular app either. Getting really frustrated at having to reset my phone, which I've had to do twice in the last 12 hours.
Answers please, Nokia!

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Re: N8 Belle -Screen / Phone freezing

I haven't experienced a single freeze-up yet so I suspect it must be an app you have installed on your device. A common app that usually causes this behaviour is anti-virus software on the phone. If you've got anti-virus installed just remove it because you don't need it anyway on your N8. If you're not using anti-virus then you may need to isolate what particular app is causing the problem. 

 One way to do this is to perform a Wipe data/Factory reset then re-install your apps one at a time  until the problem reveals itself again. Then you will know which app is the culprit.

 To perform a factory reset type *#7370# into the dialler and enter the security code when requested (default is 12345 unless  you have changed it yourself). This  will wipe all data from the C: drive so backup your important stuff first, such as videos, pictures and music etc. Don't bother backing up your settings because restoring those later on will/can restore the original problem.



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Re: N8 Belle -Screen / Phone freezing

Cheers for that, but as I've already removed the couple of apps that I'd installed since the last update, I don't really want to go through all that rigmarole. I've taken to using App Stop to kill everything running in the background. Not happened again today, but the day's not over yet...

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Re: N8 Belle -Screen / Phone freezing

Yes. i do experience the screen freeze occassionally after the Belle refresh in N8. Sometimes when call comes it is not unlocking and unable to attend the call. I removed Microsoft apps and some extra application came up with belle refresh but still experience the issue. I believe the problem could be due to the low RAM in N8. The hardware of N8 is quite outdated now and it could not withstand modern operating system like Nokia Belle.

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Re: N8 Belle -Screen / Phone freezing

Got the same prob here.


After sending my Lumia 900 to repair, I'm back on my old N8, and updated to belle refresh last week.


After updating, the phone freezes over 2-3 times a day. Every morning, when i wake up, I have to start with a hard reset.

As I havent used my N8 in quite some time, I havent got many apps installed.


Cant seem to pinpoint were the problem is, as it freezes over at night, without even using the phone.

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Re: N8 Belle -Screen / Phone freezing

Hi Katron,


If you are still having issues, you will need to take your phone back to your local Nokia Care point for them to investigate. Sounds like it may be a hardware issue.


to locate your nearest Nokia Care point:


Let us know how you get on.

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Re: N8 Belle -Screen / Phone freezing

Yes, I have the same problem with a C7 since I updated to Belle.  It freezes 3 or four times a week and has to be reset.  It is mainly when using the PIM to acces contacts when I get to the persons name and tap to call it freezes and has to be reset. It is so frustrating as I am out of the office a lot and rely on my phone for contacts and directions to visit clients.


Hope someone can fix this obvious software bug.

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Re: N8 Belle -Screen / Phone freezing

I'm having the same issue with my N8 running Belle FP1 Refresh. It occasionally freezes when using the Contacts app - usually when I tap on either the [Voice call] or [Message] option associated with a contact. However, the hardware menu button works (takes a few seconds) and I can use the Task Manager to force close the Contacts application. The Contacts app freezing persists until 1) the N8 is restarted, or 2) a call is placed to any contact using the dialer pad. Hope this helps.
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Re: N8 Belle -Screen / Phone freezing

I have nokia N8 with belle refresh it periodically freezes becomes unresponsive, sometimes refusing to unlock the screen,at times the bottom buttons don't work properly you have to press really hard for them to work whether in portrait or landscape mode, a solution to this is restarting the phone then everything is fine again I would have 1 or 2 apps open

 some apps don't work with wifi