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Re: N8 Cracked Screen Repair Experiences? (UK)

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N8 Cracked Screen Repair Experiences? (UK)



After spending the last year treating my phone like a baby, keeping it in a big rubber case, never putting it in the same pocket as keys and so on, so that when I come to sell it on it would be immaculate - one slip getting out of a car left my phone face down on the concrete and the glass cracked :smileysad:


So, 2 questions if anyone can answer!


1. Does anyone know of a good place to get the glass 'digitiser' (I beleieve it is called) replaced on a Nokia N8 in the UK? To reiterate - the screen itself is fine and displays everything as before, it's just the glass is cracked.


2. Has anyone had their screen glass replaced before? Is the phone utterly immaculate and as new after it is replaced, or does replacing the glass always change something in a way that means it's not really the same as it was before?



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Re: N8 Cracked Screen Repair Experiences? (UK)

 Sorry to hear of your mis-fortune. I'm assuming you don't have any insurance so your best option is to visit a Nokia Care Point for an estimate of how much it will cost to repair. If you do pay Nokia to repair the phone you will still retain what's left of the warranty. If you take it to an independant repairer or do it yourself you will void your warranty. A screen assembly for the N8 isn't megabucks but the labour costs will ramp the cost up quite a bit.



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Re: N8 Cracked Screen Repair Experiences? (UK)

I had a cracked screen replace at a NCC and was charged £50 for it. It was a 5 minute job. I cracked it when buttoning my top coat pocket with those metal clip fasteners against the screen.
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