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N8 - Different wallpaper on screen rotate?

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N8 - Different wallpaper on screen rotate?

Is it possible?


From what I can tell, you can set a wallpaper, and then the phone automatically takes the middle chunk of that wallpaper and zooms it in for your rotated version.


For instance, if you set a wallpaper while in landscape mode, the phone chops off the left and right sides and zooms the result in for portrait mode. Likewise, if it is set in portrait mode, the phone chops off the top and bottom and zooms the result in for landscape mode.


This results in some horrible images for my alternate mode wallpapers because I tend to use pictures of people for my wallpapers. I imagine a number of other people are just as frustrated as I am by this.


Therefore, it would be nice to be able to set alternate wallpapers for alternate screen rotation modes. If this is not yet possible, Nokia should add this in a near-future software update.

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Re: N8 - Different wallpaper on screen rotate?

If you crop a picture to square it should give the effect you want, or try this

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