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Re: N8 HDMI icon does not disappear once cable is ...

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N8 HDMI icon does not disappear once cable is disconnected

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Bought the N8 recently on the 3 mobile in Australia

As soon as i turned the phone on and added my internet WLAN, it updated some software on the phone

I tested the N8's HDMI feature which it outputs to the TV very easily

A HDMI icon (top right of screen) appears to indicate that the cable is in use

Once the cable is removed from TV and phone,

the HDMI icon still appears in top right corner

The only way i find to remove the icon is to turn off and on the phone to remove icon

This post is to find the solution to this problem and if not solved, at least provide a future update for the hardware.


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Re: N8 HDMI icon does not disappear once cable is disconnected

I have the same problem. 

Moreover, if the HDMI logo still appears in the right top corner YOU WILL GET NO SOUND from music player except headphones. You have to restart your N8. 

Other solution is to use a process manager, however if you are not sure what you're doin better leave it.



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