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Re: N8, Nokia and the forum

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N8, Nokia and the forum


I'm pritty new in this forum, and joind in just to get a view hints for my new N8 that I have now for a month.

While reading here i start wondering and get also a bit entusiatik: most of the quastions I'd had with my N8 I get answered in a view ours. To all of you writing here so competent great thanks. Nokia should pay for you support an close ther hotline because at last the german one tend out to be useless for my quastions.

This brings me to the second point: users who can't stopp complaining obout Nokia in general and the N8 in partikular. Maybe I should start to talk a little bit about me. I'd had smartfons since the first windows phones came up, and my last one was a Sony X1. So belive me - I realy no what problems smart phones can make.

The first thing that I mentioned while playing around with my new N8 was: hey thats a prity stable OS. Until now I realy get it crashed only one time - and this was my own fold, becaue i killed the commection while syncronisation, which screws up the database. The reaction from the phone was realy funy, it sayed after a new startup that it can't start anymore and I shoud ask Noika for support... Any way - I have the feeling that the N8 is one of the best peases of hardware Nokia ever had made, and I do not understand why so many people starts complaining about it. I use this phone for business, reading and writing my emails, surfing on the web am navigate to my destimations, and shoting photogaphs. Until now I had nicer any crashes while doing this nor any battery problems. OK after a day of havey useage the accu is drait - but as long as this not happend over the day, I have no probleme with it.

Ok there also some drawbacks: The office suite is realy poor compared to that what you get with a windows phone, the web browser miss an easy going back buttom and the app store is not that big as apples one but any way: try to get a phone that have:

- free syncronisation software for mac and a pc
- great HR cam on board
- free navigation
- free cisco compliant vpn client
- free fully integrated VoIP client
- free ssh / telnet client
- open OS with a store that do not need a credit card information for downloading free apps (hello apple)
- hdmi interface
- extendable memory

If you find ones that can do all of that and is available now, then start complaining Nokia.

Until this happen I just like to say thank you Nokia for this realy nice device.

Best regards
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Re: N8, Nokia and the forum

Very nice to have some positive feedback and appreciation Captain, keep visiting the forum, and feel free to pass on your knowledge to other users, and join in where ever you can :smileyhappy:

If I have helped at all, a click on the White Star is always appreciated :

you can also help others by marking 'accept as solution:smileyhappy:

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Re: N8, Nokia and the forum

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CaptainDXB wrote:

I'm pritty new in this forum, and joind in just to get a view hints for my new N8 that I have now for a month.

This brings me to the second point: users who can't stopp complaining obout Nokia in general and the N8 in partikular.



I'm happy that you're having a good experience with your N8, and I'm happy to help you with any questions you may have with your N8 as well.


The fact is, I like my N8 very much. At the moment, there isn't any other phone that offers me what the N8 offers, as far as hardware is concerned.


But I have very serious battery issues with it. The phone doesn't hold the battery has it should, and since I paid for my phone, as you did, I am entitled to a device that functions properly, and that is the reason why, I complain.


Because if I don't complain, no one will ever know that I have issues with my phone, and therefore, I won't ever get any help or solution for my N8 problems.


It is great that you're not experiencing any drawbacks, but unfortunately that is not the case for many of us N8 users, and just like you deserve help with your questions regarding your N8, so do I with mine, and that is one of the reasons why I come here.


Hope you continue to have a pleasantly usage of your N8.



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Re: N8, Nokia and the forum

well said mate. One thing to remember is, this is a help forum. Any product (whether its phone, htc, androids etc) is going to have a small percentage of individuals with problems.  As a result, all you see on those help forums is company bashing, fraustration, insults etc. 99% of individuals who buy phones don't even care about anything else and thats the last you hear of them.I suppose thats y the negative posts regarding a product on places like here can outweigh the positive.


I mean if your washing machine worked fine you are not going to goto the companys website and start praising them lol.



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Re: N8, Nokia and the forum

I do agree.  I am absolutely delighted with my N8 and all it can do.  I come on here for extra support, and to find out how best to use it to make my life easier. If there was a dedicated N8 forum i would be even better pleased.  My current interests are (1) e-book readers for N8 and (2) compatibility with Windows Onenote.  Any ideas anyone? 

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Re: N8, Nokia and the forum

Im sure when you have one of the devices that is troubled it can be very frustrating..

But with the assistance of some knowledgeable contributors on this forum i have been able to adjust various aspects of my N8.

I now have a fantastic piece of hardware that has actually enhanced my thank you Nokia and the forum

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