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Re: N8 a joke?

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N8 a joke?

Bought a new N8 some months ago.

It was not supported to Mac system 10.6.7 and in my knowlede stil isn`t.

First week it suddenly froze up.

Went back to store and after some days I got it back.

After this repair, it would not link up on the phonesystem on my car. It had worked ok before.

Buetooth didn`t work.


After some weeks, it started to loose conectiones during telephone calls. I had to call back to get an conectione. Then things began to go slower, it opend up everything very slow. It took 3 - 4 minutes to store a picture and same to open up a picture. Then it completly stoped working. I tried everything to fix it, but no result.

After a periode of this I took it back to store. They keept it for almost 3 weeks.

Then I got it back.

My phone was then working like the first time, with the same problems as before ++ some new ones. I was a bit feed iup, but as long as the camera was working ok, I did not care to much.

Then the N8 started to behave as earlier and yesterday it stopped up again. New trip back to work store and they wanted to keep it for at least two weeks.

My brother also got a N8 and he also have had the same problems on his phone. He solved this problem very nice and piced up his old N97 and burried his brand new N8.

My last complainment, Nokias system is also very bad, like it was constructed in a sauna a very late evning.

No wonder why Nokia is loosing on smartphones.


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Re: N8 a joke?

Nice story but are you actually here to get support from this support forum?
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Re: N8 a joke?

funduro wrote:

Bought a new N8 some months ago.

It was not supported to Mac system 10.6.7 and in my knowlede stil isn`t.

Wrong. Nokia is offering an iSync plugin for the N8.I have used it and it works well. Nokia Multimedia Transfer for Mac also works with the N8.


Life would be less of a pain if you bothered looking for the information you need.

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Re: N8 a joke?

[ Edited ]

Why is it that these posters who pop up here just to complain mostly seem to tell the same story as having returned their phone to the care centre 3 times? Hardly ever 2 times or four times, mostly it is three times.


I cannot help being reminded of the fairytale of Goldilocks and the three bears. First time the porridge was too hot, second time it was too cold, but third time it was just right because that convinced them not to buy another Nokia phone.


Perhaps these pop up posters copy each others' posts? 

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