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N8 frozen at start-up on 2nd day after Nokia Belle...

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N8 frozen at start-up on 2nd day after Nokia Belle update

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I bought my phone in Aug 2011. Have been enjoying it for over 6 months now. Updated to Symbian Anna in Oct 2011 (I think) and been using it without any issues. Yesterday afternoon I updated to Nokia Belle, installation was successfull, no issues at all, spent the rest of the day customizing the phone n stuff.. Today evening, while listening to the songs, the phone suddenly restarted, but it wouldn't start up now.. That Nokia hand-shaking animation comes and after that phone is just frozen with the screen showing only the wallpaper, nothing else, no menus, no icons, nothing! In the Notification area on the top, I see "Offline" (coz I removed the sim card), network icon with a "x" next to it and an empty bettery icon. I don't see why the battery would be empty coz before I started listening to the songs, it was 50% and so I was charging it while listening to the songs. Now since about 2 hours I've been trying to switch off the phone and start it, but no use.. It restarts n is stuck on that wallpaper. The backlight of the menu button is on for a few seconds after restart, but then it goes off and even if I tap on the screen or toggle the lock key, nothing happens. I have already tried "hard reset" as given on one link I found on google..


Another thing I found is something about "XXXXXX Software" on this site -



Has anyone tried it? Would it help in my situation?


Please tell me what to do? Is there anything else I can try? I have some private data on phone, so I'm a little hesitant of giving it to service centre. Is there any way to format the data or something. I tried connecting the USB, while the phone is in that frozen state, but it doesn't get recognized on computer. Please help!


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Re: N8 frozen at start-up on 2nd day after Nokia Belle update

I am also facing same problem after installing Melon Security Lock application. when i restart the phone I got the same problem.... Please help me...

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Re: N8 frozen at start-up on 2nd day after Nokia Belle update

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I successfully used Advanced Device Locks Pro, and later Security lock on my previous phones (N86/N82). Recently I bought from Nokia Store the newest version of SL. It worked on Symbian Anna without problems. After Belle update I got after few reboots serious problem... Phone Menu could not be accessed in any way. Failure resulted 4 times, so I'm now convinced that it is caused just by the SL application.
Now I have returned all the applications that I previously used, (except SL) and the phone works, and it can be run repeatedly. I found out that Security Lock is obviously incompatible with the current v. of Symbian Belle. Diagnosis and identification of the problem required 4 times triple code format included FW reinstallation.

The problem itself: after installing Security lock on the N8-00 Symbian Belle a phone restart was done correctly. After another reboot, or simply switch off the phone with active Security lock protection, only a blank window appeared with a basic wallpaper without any context menu options or the possibility of inserting security code.
The phone did not respond to any touch, soft keys were not initialized at all, only turning off using 10 sec. long press was possible. There was absolutely nothing to help. I tried to uninstall the application through PC Suite, but it was protected against the uninstall by a computer. Removing other programs in that way works. So the advantage of the security application turned against the user, and I managed to solve the problem only using triple code. I tried to describe the problem as precisely as possible, I hope you manage to solve these difficulties. In addition, I installed the current Belle v. 111.030.0609 on absolutely clean formatted phone without any data from the previous applications in *sys  and * private folders.

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