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N8 group text question

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N8 group text question

I finally enetered the 21st century and have upgraded from my trusty 6230i to a shiny N8.


In my 6230i regardless off how many numbers were stored for a contact under one name like:


John Smith

Home: 0123456789

Mobile: 9876543210

Work: 1029384756


I could easily choose which number would be the "default" number when sending a text.


what i would like to know is this...  Is there an option to choose a default number per contact ( i think it can be done but nothing states default as such,




if i have more than one mobile number under a contact name, is there a way to send texts to both numbers automatically?


The reason i'd like this option is i run a large junior football club, and sending texts to players and parents is a tedious job. i'd like to choose the specific team and know that the text went to all mobile numbers associated with each player. Or do i need to alter my whole contacts book and separate players, mums and dads into their own individual contact?


thanks Neil

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Re: N8 group text question

I've not found a way to send to multiple numbers on a text nor set a default.


However I do have a similar requirement and have multiple numbers on my contacts, I then have these people set in different groups, when I select a group or an individual it prompts me for the number to send to. (or skip if a person in a group should be missed)

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Re: N8 group text question

Have u found the solution for setting a default number for a contact who has multiple numbers stored on N8?

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