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N80 firmware- latest versions

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N80 firmware- latest versions

I found this on the 3g forum:

To find your firmware enter *#0000#

These are the latest versions:

Generic = V3.0614.0.1 - 31-03-2006 - RM-92

Three = V3.0618.0.2 - 23-05-2006 RM-92

Orange = v3.0617.06 - 03.05.2006. RM-92

Vodafone = V3.0617.0.6 - 03-05-2006

o2 = v3.0617.0.6 - 03 May 06 RM-92

Is this information correct, and why is it not available here? this is the Nokia site after all! It seems some people are having better performance with newer firmware.
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Re: N80 firmware- latest versions

It's inexplicable, innit?

We have no way of knowing which are the latest firmware versions: at the minute, it's all rumour. It seems Nokia have this idea that if they made the information available there would be a rush of people demanding upgrades. I have two objections to this:

1) I just don't believe there would be a flood of people demanding upgrades: the only people who would care are the ones who are already having problems and who are sufficiently technically aware to think of looking.

2) Even if that were the case, then it's just tough cookies: you supply a sub-standard product and then come up with something that can fix some of the problems then you should be helping your customers to get it fixed, not going out of your way to stop them even knowing about it.

But then, it's hardly news that Nokia have a long way to go on Customer service.
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Re: N80 firmware- latest versions

I think the reason this information is not neccessarily always available is that it is so difficult to keep up to date. For example the generic one you have listed there I believe is wrong as my mate has an N80 and he has v3.0617.06 which is the sae as oranges version. This may mean that they are completely different even tho they have the same number
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Re: N80 firmware- latest versions

I had a 6630 when they first came out a year or whatever ago and I had no problems with it (apart from when I thought the keypad lights were broken, but it was just the light sensor turning them off, oops) but soon after a new firmware came out that had a better music player and other mods. I could have got it flashed but there was no point. The phone worked fine and I was happy with it, why bother. I expect most people would be like me and only get firmware upgraded if it was needed. I have had my N80 flashed and a service upgrade because of problems not because I wanted the newest firmware. What do they think we are? Children?
Tell us what is fixed/improved with the new firmware and if it sounds like it will help the phone we will do it, if it sounds pointless we won't bother, right? Common sense isn't it!
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Re: N80 firmware- latest versions

Amen to that, taffytafftaf