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N86 Bug with Audio player

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Accepted Solution

N86 Bug with Audio player

Hi everybody,


Being proud of my new N86 I put my 16 GB SD Card in (loaded with Music), startet the audio player and ... found 10 (in words ten) preinstalled songs, missing my 2000 and some own songs. Of course I performed an update of the Library beforehand. Obviously the Audio-Player does not recognize the external memory. Moreover, I copied some of my playlists into the sounds-directory of the built in mass storage, where the other 10 songs sit and which is named "e:". I do mention this because the path in the playlists is also e: - I used to take the very same sd-card in my nokia n82. the playlists should be correct. The playlists have benn found by audio player but audioplayer shows them as empty ... which is definitely wrong.


Any Ideas?


Cheers Tom

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Re: N86 Bug with Audio player

Try to delete

F:\Private\101FFC31\mpxv1.mpd (Music)
F:\Private\101FFC31\pcv5.mpd (Podcasts)


E:\Private\101FFC31\mpxv1.mpd (Music)
E:\Private\101FFC31\pcv5.mpd (Podcasts)

then update the library again...

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Re: N86 Bug with Audio player



I can not say for an 16GB card, but I put an 8 GB card in my N86 and copied some 1500 song (eaac+ format) on the card (in Mass Storage Mode). After a library refresh I can see them in my library and of course can play them without problems.


I know that my experience does not help you with your problem. I just wanted to let you know that in general music on the SD card is working. Probably you can try the trick from the poster above me.



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Re: N86 Bug with Audio player

same problem here. the music library cannot refresh


F:\Private\101FFC31\mpxv1.mpd (Music)
F:\Private\101FFC31\pcv5.mpd (Podcasts) this folders are not present but i've tried to delete this file with a different file name

F:\Private\101ffca9\harvesterdbv9_2.dat but still no luck


is there any other way? i have no problem updating my music library the last time i did till now

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Re: N86 Bug with Audio player

Hi there,


sorry for being late with my feedback.


There is no way to acess the folder "private" on e: since it is a bulit in mass storage and protected by the operating system. The file manager does not show the folder and y-browser shows but no permission.


The memorycard could be put in my pc and there were no mpd's so i just deleted the dat.


DONE. Presumably you are very ugly so I dont promise you a kiss - but I love you :-)


Thanks a lot.


Now I am a bit more happy with the n86. But there are still numerous issues. One of them:


All over sudden the unit does not recognize any media server - it did before ... you know in the private network (the German Menu is "Privates Netzwerk"). Is there a similar reason and a similar solution?


Cheers - Tom

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Re: N86 Bug with Audio player

Shame to Nokia for not sorting out a robust Music Player. (And having customers to resort to delete fidden files etc. on the phone. What a waste of time!).

The solution is to dump Music Player and go to Installations/Search and Music. It seems to work well, hopefully it has been developedby by proper software experts.

It searches anything really, but it resolves the Music Player issue as well.

What ironi that Nokia can't compete with Apple on a simple Music Player.

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Re: N86 Bug with Audio player

Sorry for bumping an old thread but I was having the same problem, deleted those files and nothing. Even did a soft reset but all that did was make me have to sort all the apps on my phone again which was a **bleep**.


Anyway, my solution was to install Y-Browser. Find the folder where you've put the music, E:\Sounds\Digital\something. Check the file attributes for the folder and make sure it is not set to system. Double check the files in the folder also. There you go, you can now listen to Celine Dion.


Hopefully this can help someone.



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Re: N86 Bug with Audio player

Hi everone


My apologies for bringing up the old thread...but actually i have tried all the solution given the thread but none of them seems to be working.


1. I tried to refresh my media library but it did not add any new files. I formated the mass memory and tried again but it did not work.


2. I tried deleting mpd ad 'pcv' files. I tried deleting mpd ad 'pcv' files. As a result the mbile was able to identify only 127 media files as compared to probably the 500 that I have uploaded.


3. I checked my folders and files whether they have 'system' attributes but could not find any.


4. As a last resort I update the phone software, still to no avail.


Anyone please help me out....casue this problem totally sucks and this problem as well as this mobile is totally driving me crazy....



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Re: N86 Bug with Audio player

If your problem is seeing your music, then get the latest version of the Nokia OS.


That gave me a search option on the E51, that is at the top level of the menu.

I never bother going via Music Player or Gallery anymore. Nokia should fix those, but they decided not to.