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N86 will not charge

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N86 will not charge

I have a brand-new N86 and never been used. Assuming that there might be a bit of charge in the battery, I tried to turn it on but there was only a brief sound that you get when phones boot up like a zoom sound but there was then nothing that followed. There was nothing on the screen. I connected it to the wall charger and the charging indicator light was off. I assumed the battery was totally flat so I left the phone on charge for a full day and sometimes the charging indicator light was on, other times it wasn't.

However, the phone still does not seem charged and will not turn on at all and seems unresponsive. I tried the charger with my brother's phone and that worked fine so its clearly not a charger problem.


Is it safe to say the phone is faulty and needs to be replaced?

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: N86 will not charge

maybe you are not using genuine nokia charger? Never seen a Nokia charger where it has a charging light on it.

Try using a different battery in the N86 8MP or a Genuine Nokia charger. If both of these fail then you have dead phone so you will have to send it to Nokia for repair or the company you purchased the phone from and explain the problem to them.

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Re: N86 will not charge

yes i think it would qualify for an exchange. tho there are more than just your model that have serious issues with charging. my n97 never charged with the nokia charger out of the box i solved the issue by buying a charger meant for a blackberry and it sorted my troubles. in your case i would try to swap the unit and see if you get lucky. 
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Re: N86 will not charge

The charging indicator light is on the phone not the charger itself. I am using the genuine Nokia charger which came with the phone, partly as that is the only charger I have that would fit the phone since the adoption of the usb socket. I am also using the supplied battery as well.

I did try one thing though and that was to take a charged battery from another Nokia that has the same polarity, voltage and similar amp hour rating and hold it onto the battery terminals on the N86 (as the battery was not as wide) and see if the phone would power up. Unfortunately it did nothing so I am led to think there is a fault with the phone rather than being a quirky charger problem

Maybe it is faulty! Grrrrr!

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Re: N86 will not charge

I almost have the same problem, sometimes when i connect my N86 to the charger it wont charge... not only the charge-light. When I try the second time it start to work.. Its just some times but is very irritating. I have the same problem with the normal-charger and the usb-charger. 
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Re: N86 will not charge

More or less the same problem here - the charging bar stops responding to 2 or 3 bars max! I dnt even know when it has finished charging, the led light remain on too!
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Re: N86 will not charge

I bought the N86 a few weeks ago, and I am having the exact same problem. Sometimes the charge light comes on, then it stops, and I can never tell if it is charging or when it is fully charged. Also, I noticed when I tried charging in the car, the phone would not turn on while it was charging (supposedly charging).......I do not know what to do? Is this normal, and if not, is there a solution to this charging problem? Had I known it was a USB style charger, I would not have bought the phone.