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Re: N95 8GB (Slider)

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N95 8GB (Slider)

Hi Guys can anyone shed some light on an issue i have with my N95 8GB. I got my first from O2 about 5 weeks ago & the slider developed a fault, i'm sure you've all seen it where the bottom right of the phone when in it's opened position 'knocks' or 'taps' against the main body of the phone. For me this is very annoying cos when going through menus or searching through messages every time i press on the d-pad i get a 'knock'

Well i sent the first back to O2 who replaced it for me, the new one was fine for about a week, then it developed the same fault only this time it seems worse.

So again back to O2 but this time it's been sent off for repair.

I'm just wondering is this the norm, have other people had the same issues, & how did it get resolved, or have you just put up with it? All post welcome.

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Re: N95 8GB (Slider)

This is one of those questions that get asked over and over again so it is something we all know about.

This is the norm.
If a phone has a sliding mechanism, then its purpose is to move and have movement which does leave the slide a little loose feeling.
It would be good if they could produce a slide that was tight, but then i'm sure there would be problems sliding it.

I dont think this is seen as a 'fault' and is just how it works.
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Re: N95 8GB (Slider)

I agree nearly all sliders from all manufacturers wobble or move to some degree.

The only slider i've ever used that keeps on feeling solid after a lot of use is the 8800 sirocco.
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Re: N95 8GB (Slider)

Cheers guys for your comments the only reason i ask is because it didn't start out that way, the slider was very solid feeling when i took it out of the box, & for the first couple of weeks after, but i must admit it's the only one i've noticed that's got this much movement, i've had a few sliding phones in my time. (that makes me sound old lol)

I guess it's more to do with the fact that it's a dual slider??
Anyway thanks again.
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Re: N95 8GB (Slider)

Not all sliders phones are like that.
The E65 slider is very solid and nice. It does not "tap" not even after a long period of usage.
MusicExpress phone has a very nice slide too.

I have also N95 8GB phone and it annoys me everytime I use it. It started off really nice and as I was using it over time, the slide became looser and looser.

This should not be the quality level you would expect from a giant like Nokia.
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Re: N95 8GB (Slider)

I have had an N95 8GB for 1 week now and have the same build quaity issues. The slide mechanism has loosened significanly since when it was new.

I have also noticed a slight looseness / creak in the rubberised covering just where the camera and gallery button are situated, where the rubberised housing comes up to the keypad, anyone elese have this?
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