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N95 Video playback gets jerky, cleanup apps?

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N95 Video playback gets jerky, cleanup apps?

Video playback is jerky, I am using a N95 with 1gb Micro memory card there is over 100mbs of space on the card, will have to clean out phone memory of pictures etc..although I dont like to store anything in phone memory for this reason.

does it make any difference if apps are installed on memory card or if they are installed on internal memory?

will get rid of some games i dont use..

9 hours of audio, 176 pics, loads vid clips..
maybe thats whats clogging it up..
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Re: N95 Video playback gets jerky, cleanup apps?

You have memory space on phone and card. You may store what you want on one memory or on another!
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Re: N95 Video playback gets jerky, cleanup apps?

During video playback what's more important is how much RAM you have free.

RAM is consumed by open applications in the background. Also RAM may be 'locked' or consumed by applications that didn't released it upon closing. So make sure that applications are not running on the background and you may want to power cycle the device.

On another note. VGA files (640x480) encoded in h264 (MPEG4 AVC) don't play correctly. If you want VGA resolution use MPEG4.

If the bitrate of the video file is too high the phone will choke.

640K Should be enough for everybody
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