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Re: N95 VoIP SIP Config

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N95 VoIP SIP Config

Has anyone successfully configured their N95 (or similar) to use VoIP SIP?

Basically I see that the N95 should be able to do it and I have a SIP VoIP number (which I use as my home number), however I have not been successful in getting it to work with my N95. If I could get it to work it would mean that wherever I am connected to the internet with my N95 it should work both as my SIP and Cell phone as one.

Can anyone confirm that the Orange network in the UK allows the SIP traffic over their network?

Cheers :-)
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Re: N95 VoIP SIP Config

14-Mar-2008 05:45 PM
sobeuk wrote:
Has anyone successfully configured their N95 (or similar) to use VoIP SIP?

/me raises hand.

I use my N95-1 as a VoIP phone registered to my own Asterisk server over the WLAN.

It works great.

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Re: N95 VoIP SIP Config

Could you teach me how to configure the sip.conf of Asterisk server and sip setting of N95.This problem puzzle me for several days.I hope you could help me.Thanks a lot!
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Re: N95 VoIP SIP Config

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Let me answer your questions one by one.

1) YES. Configuring N95 on any SIP/VOIP service is easy.

Just ensure that you add a new SIP config, then setup Internet Telephony and then register the service. Registration can be automatic or manual.

2) There are various services which offer auto-configs, so you don't have to manually setup anything. I am pro user, i use multiple combinations to use VOIP services along with PBX and forward calls to multiple phones etc. Its complicated setup for me.

Basic info: VOIP on N95

Fring managed to enable irrspective of SIP being blocked on Orange and vodafone in UK. Read here: Fring Enabled VOIP on N95

Fring bypass SIP block

Let me know if you need any more help.

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Re: N95 VoIP SIP Config

I have managed to connect my n95 to my work SIP with no problem.

I actually thought it would be more painful.

In my case the config was like this:

Profile Name: My Company
Service Profile: IETF
Default access point: None
Public Username: 1010:
Use Compression: No
Registration: When Needed (I don't want wifi to eat my battery!)
Use Security: No

Proxy Server: Leave it as it is. Default config.

Registrar Server:
Registrar Server Address: sip:
Realm: asterisk
Username: 1010
Password: 1234 (your password actually)
Transport type: Auto
Port: 5060

Hope this helps you :smileyhappy:
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Re: N95 VoIP SIP Config

HELP,,,I HAVE A Nokia N95, I just subscribe to a company name VOIP provider,,,,,I configure just as They told me in the WEB,,,NOW,,I star de Internet Telephone application and "tries" to connect to the WLAN "conecting voipvoip via INFINITUM",,,But at the end it says.."Impossible To conect to Network Conection,,,I'm in Mexico and my vendor is TELCEL,,any HELP,,THANKS???
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Re: N95 VoIP SIP Config

that looks like you cannot reach the server at all.

are you connected thru wifi?
check if you can reach their website, because it seems like a connectivity problem.

if you have configured the profile in the right way, the errors should be FAILED TO REGISTER or something like that.
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Re: N95 VoIP SIP Config

Here is a comprehensive guide that should answer all questions on SIP