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I am an Indian IT Professional from Saudi Arabia. I recently bought an N97 and upgraded the firmware to v12.

BUGS BUGS BUGS... I seriously dont know when Nokia will grow and create bulletproof OS!


Following are the most annoying bugs/problems I have faced so far:


  1. Sometimes the phone plays NOKIA ringtone for my contacts with assigned ringtones. This really irritates at times...
  2. Need unlock 2 times to switch on background light... Y ?
  3. A white screen on left hand corner if I use flash during taking photo... None of my night pics are clear because of this. I pay so much money to have a good phone from Nokia, and they have a camera flash which bounces back onto the lens!!!
  4. Sometimes when I unlock, the touchscreen feature freezes, and I cant even restart by pushing power button! I finally have to pluck out my battery to fix the issue! That's pretty sad ! The best camera features are of N95!!!
  5. When there's a flash, the persons eye bounds to have the RedEye effect! No matter even if I am in RedEye mode.
  6. Sound output is soooooo less as compared to N95 !
  7. Nokia releases new Symbian OS versions with new generations of mobiles, but sadly it still hasn't been able to embed the DIVX playing capability! Sad !
  8. HomeScreen Widgets are so very limited! Home screen should be more edit-able!
  9. I think making N97 a super-phone is a good move! But why in the world do they have such less Phone Memory and such less RAM?
  10. When I get my phone out of my pocket when I get a call, the screen rotates when i try to slide my finger on ANSWER! It's so irritating!
  11. A better headset should have been designed for N97!
  12. There were no games (unlike 5800) pre-installed!!!




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Sadly I had the problem of a delay of the alarm - 5 minutes - delay in the last 2 days.. I set up the alarm to 07:30 and it started 07:35 the following day I set it up to 08:00 and it started at 08:05 !!!


I had this problem earlier when I just got the phone, and unfortunately it came back again yesterday and today.



Another problem I had today - I disconnected the charger but the phone stuck, the light of the charging  did not go off and the phone was freeze - I had to take the battery our to re start it.



Any advise ?


using Nokia since ages most recent were the 9300, N95 the E71, and since July 15 - a proud owner of the N97 - later switched to the N97 White
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I totally agree with N97 bugs. I have this phone and it is a pain in the neck. I am getting "connection error" messages frequently when trying to call after I upgraded to v12. After restarting phone, this problem is solved for some time but once I travel to another place (cell tower changes), I get "connection error" message again while trying to call. Only solution, keep you restarting phone as cell tower changes. Very frustrating for such a high value phone.
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There certainly are immense number of problems with N97. I am happy that you too have put it out. Kindly check out my complaint on the same issue and added with poor response to replace my handset which packed up within one day. I have been running around for the problem and there is no solution in sight,.

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