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N97 mini firmware upgrade

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N97 mini firmware upgrade

Hi all,


my N97 mini claims to have firmware version 10.0.020. From I learned that 11.0 or 11.2.something should be available. However, neither the PC update tool NSU nor the device itself allow an update - both say no update available.


What's wrong here?





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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

It takes a while before an update is released in every country, even longer if your phone is network supplied.

All you can do is wait and keep checking the updater, both on the phone and on a PC.
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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

Ahh thank you!

I was about to ask the same question too

Well *fingers crossed* about the firmware getting released to Australia 3' network

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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

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You are welcome.

With yours being a 3 network version the firmware will be released after 3 has tested and approved it. I do not know how efficient 3 Australia are at this.

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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

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Hello richwin, 


I totally sympathise. I have been trying to upgrade my firmware on my N97 Mini because the new Ovi Maps is just not working on my N97 Mini. It stops working within 10 seconds of starting. The Ovi Maps page says it's vital to install the latest firmware. 


My device says that the firmware on it is 10.0.020


According to Nokia's support website, the latest firmware for the N97 Mini is 11.0.045 


So, I tried to upgrade:




The Software Update application within my N97 Mini refuses to help. When I start it, it says "all applications are up-to-date" and there's no way to force it to upgrade anything.




When I do *#0000# followed by Options Check for Updates, it complains "Server not found". So let's assume my network provider (Orange) gave me wrong settings. Well, then, when I try to follow Nokia's instructions for installing a new server profile (to connect directly to Nokia's own server), my phone refuses to save the new profile! After tediously entering all the details provided on this page (link above), the phone provides no option within the menu there to actually save the newly entered profile. (Imagine how I feel!) So this route is an utter dead end too. (Thank you, Nokia. You really know how to win converts...)




So - alternative approach - I downloaded and installed Nokia Software Updater on my computer from the same Nokia support website. Guess what?! When I run it, it tells me that the latest version of firmware for my device is 10.0.020


(It's doing this at the same time that the Nokia support website for the N97 Mini claims that the latest firmware is 11.0.045 !!!) Naturally, it too provides no way to force an update of the firmware. 


So I have no way to update my firmware! Isn't that just brilliant?!

I guess (hope) psychomania is right. But then surely Nokia should not declare on its UK support website that the new firmware is available if UK customers cannot get it yet.


What's the point? I mean, come on...!!!


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I am a user of n79.i would like to upgrade to n97mini.but I hear a lot of complaints coming from n97, so please help me out am extremely happy with n79,but n97 appears to be good in appearance,I am in a confusion do help me out thank you

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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

Have exact the same problem... the funny thing is seams to be available for purchase on some sites?

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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

I agree service code 0591930 is for usa


and i don't think they will upgrade the firmware


if so when

everyone is waiting for it.



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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

Well, 0584971 has been updated, and it's also for North America...


Do with it what you please, or see how long you can wait...

Mobile Visionary
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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

I guess (hope) psychosomatic is right. But then surely Nokia should not declare on its UK support website that the new firmware is available if UK customers cannot get it yet.



But it is available in the UK if your phones firmware has been approved by whoever need to approve it . Most likely culprit is the provider of your phone/network .


If you have a product code  that has been given the ok in the UK then the firmware is available .

Not hard for Nokia to put a sticky on here  . Firmware XXX has been released to the network providers  and regulatory bodies in your country . When they have passed the firmware upgrade they will then make it available . Bit better than firmware available but not really if you read the small print  .

UK /British Isles     phones    16 variants have firmware update  v4 ready .

Others still waiting .



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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

Hello jjegan, 


I'm not clear what you are suggesting. Are you saying that I should call my network provider (Orange) and demand that they upgrade the firmware/software on my handset? 


As I mentioned above, my handset says that the firmware on it is 10.0.020. According to Nokia's support website, the latest firmware for the N97 Mini is 11.0.045. I do not know if that has been given the OK in the UK. How can I find out? And what "small print" are you talking about? There is no small print on the Nokia website mentioned above.  



Mobile Sensei
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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

The firmware updates for network branded phones are sent to the networks. The networks like Orange, vodaphone and T-Mobile do their own customizing of the firmware (like the splash screens, the branded home pages, connectivity settings locks, etc). The firmware for such phones are only to be released once the networks have finished customizing and testing the firmware. Note that not all sim-free phones are unbranded; a case in point would be the sim-free phones which t-mobile sells. These AFAIk are branded, just sim free.
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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

FYI - I phoned Nokia's Care Centre in the UK today and had an effortful and frustrating conversation with a rather slow chap in technical support. Perhaps he was having a bad day, or just a bad life...(Their phone number is 0845 045 5555 in case you want a way to waste time.) 


This is what I finally extracted from him:


He claimed the latest version of the firmware/software for the N97 Mini (ver 11.0.045, according to Nokia's own website) has only been released for the first *set*/batch of the N97 Mini. The product code of my handset (0591810) indicates that it belongs to the second set of N97 Minis released. And he said that this firmware/software upgrade is not for the second and third sets of the N97 Mini. He did not know when new firmware/software for those handsets will be released. 


So that's that then. Enlightenment, Nokia-style! 


I still do not understand why Nokia could not explain this clearly on their own support page. This page does not explain that different hadsets of the same model get their software upgrades at very different times. Nor does it inform us when those who won't get the 11.0.045 upgrade should expect their upgrades. Why does it have to be weeks/months later?


(Nokia people - if you're listening - consider taking a class in clear communication and expectation management.) 


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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

For users in Finland:


The newest version of the firmware 11.0.045 is available for loading.

I did that using the phone and it loaded without any major problems.


However, having now used it for some weeks I have found the phone turned off  / powered off about 5 times. This never happened with the previous fw.


I wonder if this is a new bug? I'll post a separate thread on this topic.

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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

In Denmark (Copenhagen) I still can't update version to the newest version, 2 month after the new FW is released. The reason I'm hungering for it is because of 2 major problems:


1. Priority 1 !!!!! - White screen of death. Often when you try to startup the phone (because of a crash or other) it just stays in the white nokia screen. The only thing you can do is to take out the battery and try it over and over again. Sometimes it helps to take out both the battery and the memory card. But often you spent around 15 minutes just to turn it on again.


2. Also high priority - Phone crashes. It often crashes when you try to hang up a call (when you have received a call). I have also seen crashes when using GPS, Opera mini or other.


When you put together 1+2. First a crash and then you can´t startup the phone afterwards, you feel really dumb, that you bought Nokia's Top model phone. Even though I like it very much when it is actually working :-(


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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

i just bought the phone 3 days ago in hongkong. i dont know which batch i am but it crashes during installing. is that what happen with yours? it hangs also after i installed many games and had to hard reset it and most of the games gone.


i know it looks nice ( good keyboard) but the software so so. i cant even transfer files to other files.

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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

I totally agree with you, Super_dane!


The bottom line for me is that when the N97 mini works, it's a great phone but I get too many crashes and "White screens of death" to be able to recommend this device.


Just last night, I was doing something very basic with my phone (I don't remember exactly what now but it was something like adding a contact) and it crashed. When it started up again, it just gave me the white screen with NOKIA on it. I removed and re-inserted the battery several times without success. After about 15 minutes of this, I removed the SIM card and then the memory card and finally it started up. I re-inserted the SIM and then the memory card and it continued to boot. So now it's back to "normal".


I have already returned one N97 device because of this problem. However, after reading Micke_Nygard's comment about the firmware update causing his device to power itself off several times, I'm not sure that I want to upgrade.

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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

I am a long time Nokia user mainly on S60 series, I'm getting sick and tired about the bugs on every recent models I used. My N97mini still on 10.0.020 and my phone is not lock to carrier, but I still can't get any upgrade. My main problem is the phone refuses to use my ringtone randomly, and the widgets turn off by itself, there is no way to put it back and can't find on ovi, just to name a few. I don't know what is the big idea behind not to release firmware to some country to fix some known bugs >:-{

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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

i m from Malaysia... and i own N97 mini for 1 month ready... can i know why Nokia not release the latest firmware to my region? why other Nokia hand phone user can enjoy the latest firmware features and i can't. every time i check online for updates its shows no updates available. i disappointed for waiting the latest firmware in my region. why Nokia cant standardizes the firmware release? then whats the point i bought the Original Nokia phones from authorized Nokia Center when i cant enjoy the latest update features? for how long i have to wait? 

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Re: N97 mini firmware upgrade

OK, now it's the 10th of May, and no firmware upgrade yet. I am still struggling with the 10.0.20 version of s60,and frankly speaking, I will deliver my phone back to the seller tomorrow because it's simply wrong to sell telephones that crashes as soon as the receiving caller hangs up first. I don't want to hear Nokia tune on full volume when I am working or sitting in a meeting. What really ticks my temper, is that Nokia don't communicate that there are bugs or gives any dates for an upcoming resolving firmware update. Maybe it's clear for Nokia what, how or when to do what, but when this firm is pushing out new mobile phones instead of making their phones work, I just don't rely on the company anymore. I can live with it if I know that Nokia actually work with a problem and tries to fix issues as they appear. I can't live with it when they just look at their revenue and give a **bleep** about their customers. Nokia n97 mini looks awesome, sturdy and have the theoretical attributes, but unfortunately all the flaws makes i a piece of **bleep**. I had it!