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New Firmware for e63.

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New Firmware for e63.

I checked the software downloads section and found out that there's a new firmware for the e63: 200.21.012. Any one have any feedback on this?
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Re: New Firmware for e63.

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We have been using 200. for a couple fo months now and there do not seem to be any issues. It has cleared up and date/time bug and generally improved stability.


Good Luck

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Re: New Firmware for e63.

After updating I had to reset the phone. The contact list wouldn't open. It was the back-up I made before updating. Replacing the settings was the culprit. Now it's working fine.
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Re: New Firmware for e63.

I did the update maybe to soon after buying the phone (couple weeks) but I seem to remember the equalizer on the old firmware would noticibaly change the tone of the sound and the on the new firmware ther is no noticable difference on the adjustments.   But thats the only issue I noticed, but the misic does still sound ok.
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Re: New Firmware for e63.

Dear Nokia Board,


Even after several complaints none of my problems are fixed,


I bought Nokia E63 in Sep/2009 and within just 30days I started listing out these issues with the so called high end Mobile for Rs. 12000/- from Univercell, Jaynagar 3rd Block, Bangalore after hearing beautiful words like competitive for Blackberry…


All these were observed when Software version was showing




Nokia E63-1(27)


And been to nearby nokia care and asked for update of software and now I got the software version





Here are Nokia E63 Software Problems I found in my new E63


1.       -- Picture Editor:

You can Zoom, Rotate a Picture but E63 never allows to Save the edited Picture

Worst Software engineering for not giving option the save the edited image…!


2.       -- No Calendar Sync with Address Book Events

Add a Birday/Annivesary event along to a contact, you will never see the event entered to Calendar/neither get a remainder / alarm on that occasion day.

Then why the Calendar given, this works awesome even with Rs.800/- local Mobiles.


Very Sad to say Nokia has very less knowledged engineers who are not even capable of giving a software which Rs 800 mobile are giving at present market with colorful icons.


3.       -- Memory Card Insertion problem.

Shows message as Memory card Corrupted when ever the mobile is switched off/on and needs a restart of Mobile to recognize the Mem Card and if re-inserted it works how foolish is the OS design.


3 to 4 times a day and every time when you switch off and switch on you need to re-insert the memory card (which is supplied along with Mobile by Nokia)


4.       -- Picture Viewer

Awesome, you cannot open pics folder wise, all pics in the Mobile are shown at a shot and no choice is given for the user to select from particular directory.


Open a Pic from folder, delete the that pic, you will be routed back to Home screen instead of folder, oops Nokia Development team needs re-engineering courses.

What a Testing Engineered Software, and after encryting memopry card, and after decrypting it back i am not able to see pics on pic viewers from my Memory Card.


but can access to the same pics directly going to Mem card folders.

Encrypt and decrypt are juts for name sake, not for functioning and serving the need.


5.       -- Message Inbox

Wow, Interesting Area,

a.      Just Say i received a message from Number 123456789, now go and save 123456789 as Balaji in Contact.

Now get back to your Inbox, Surprise,

Yes, you never see 123456789 updated with Contact Name Balaji in Inbox, it will stay as 123456789 only, even give a try of Switch off and Switch on 100 times, its same.

its new nokia software getting back to 1950s.


b.      Now, one more:

   You have already saved a friend number 12345 as Balaji in contacts.

   you get a SMS from 12345, well the inbox now promptly shows message from Balaji, now go back to Contacts, and change the number 12345 to any number,

so now Contact Balaji's number is changed but you will never see this reflected in inbox.

it will be still shown as message from Balaji, though that number is not at all in your Mobile Contacts.


c.       One more:

You delete the contact Balaji, still you see in Inbox SMS from Balaji.


if i keep on digging the non-sense behavior of Nokia E63 i dont know, instead i can write a pretty good software for Nokia Mobiles.


Dear Nokia,

I need all this and every software problems to be fixed, else i will go to Consumer Court,

this is cheating all the Indian Customers, Taking Rs 12000/- and not even providing a software which a RS 1000/- gives.


And if i won’t get all this errors fixed by 15days, i will publish all this info at all leading weblinks, and media publishers and will ask none to go for Nokia,

because Nokia has forgotten what is Software.


All these were observed when Software version was showing




Nokia E63-1(27)


And been to near by nokia care and asked for update of software and now I got the software version





Still none of the problems mentioned above are working fine, I was asked to use for 7-10days so that software gets stabilized and so waited for 30days even after software update but still no improvements, though being a software engineer I asked what is that 7-10days for software stabilization still I kept my patience and waited but when results are seen till now, I am going to ask for Justice for the money I have paid for NOKIA.


I posted many mails to and never got a response for my mails and even posted many messages regarding these problems at Nokia Support Discussions but I got responses saying even we are facing the same problem in my That Nokia phone, this Nokia phone so this shows overall all the Nokia mobiles has these issues and still Nokia is not coming forward in fixing these problems.


I would request the Most Concerned to look into this and get Justice to all Nokia users



Balaji M

Mobile : +91-9880493493

FMS Engineer
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Re: New Firmware for e63.

i am also have problem with this update after i finsh update with NSU to my E63 mobile my mobile when off and and when i try to open it it open with black screen for 1min and go off again even 3 , * and call key don't work with the mobile


nokia programs it reason for that problem and mast have Responsibility

to solve it


Takky EL Deen

Civil Engineer


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Re: New Firmware for e63.

Hi I agree with the friend who argumented logicaliy al the problmes in nokia E63, Im also very disaponited with this Nokia E63 "smartphones" mine is RM-499 100.21.110. I live in Ecuador - Latin America here ther is no Nokia Care Center and any up dates of firmware are not posible using the NUS.  I have migrate to this nokia E63 from my Black Berry curve 8310 wich is a real SMART PHONE . but I have to make this change becouse of the hi cost values monthly in the BB ther is 90 usd a month and with the nokia is 44 usd/month ... so i have no choice ..


 getting in deep .. as the friend here said ther is a lot of problems and issues with nokia... but muy major concern is that the E63 was designe to work with internet and push mail, for example the native aplication of nokia for mail is a big mess you cant see html mails, cant see atachments, and also ther is a second generation Messaging software wich is also terrible:


1) the Messaging Software has interuped service problems permanently.


2)  this aplication has deep impact in the battery of the E63 if you have it working as it should 24 hours a day like black berry does, the battery of the E63 last 12 hours or less depending on the email charge mine is 12 -15 mails/day, if you close this Messaging aplication along with Active Screen ... and stop the services of mail, the battery  lasts 4 days!! what disapointment( and of course definitly not using windows live or nimbuss)


3) when ther is a mail in the Inbox that you need to delete ... it deletes from the original Inbox in may case from my hotmail, and also from the Inbox of the phone there is no option to delete a mail only from the phone!!!!! gguuauuu super (dumb)


4) I have Other folders in my hotmail acount like important mail saved, bank email payments, but this nokia Messaging cant sincronized this folders even if they are part of the hotmail inbox folders...


5) Using windows live or nimbuss or any chat aplication menas your battery will last 12 hours maximun... 


My advice to Nokia Team is to please contact some Black Berry Engeniers, pay them a lot more and let them work so NOKIA has a "REAL Push maii" service and decent Internet with low batttery impact and running decently....


Smartphones are supose to help you in the day by day bussines and social areas ..  not the other side , help you the pohne to do the work.





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Re: New Firmware for e63.

i cant use internaet from WLAN or network provided access points after updating e63... It says connection not available... before updates it was working... before updates i was having nokia emails installed on my phone but  after it i cant find that setup... HELP ME
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Re: New Firmware for e63.

I was afraid of this and thats why I sold it off (E71). Since v400.21.013 is released in november, I don't see that nokia would care to release another update soon. Even if they do, I don't think that they will fix this issue (otherwise they would have done it a year back).


Shame on you Nokia (FW develpopers), for screwing up something which was perfectly working well

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Re: New Firmware for e63.

wow now this scares me to update my phone for an equlizer issue....
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Re: New Firmware for e63.

Hello there!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy new year and hope u all had a fab xmas.


I want to ask everyone thatif anyone knows the solution of my prob, which is, I recently updated my E 63 firmware which is





After Installation I found 2 following problems.... 


1)After this updatation I can not connect to Wi-Fi, I tried numerous times to configure my device, but no solution.


2) I installed latest version of nokia email messaging software, and in that i can not retreive emails older than 3 days. I can not change the no. of retreival days. Even i did not find the oldest version of nokia email messaging on the website. If any one knows the oldest version link, please reply to this post.


If this problem is with  this firmware then its fine, or if ther's any solution , please let me know.

 Can any one suggest me is it possible to install older version of firmware which is 100.0......, and any link to download older firmware.


Thank you very much.




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Re: New Firmware for e63.

Concerning WiFi, you should tell some more. The 3 day limit is a bug and you have to wait for an update. You can't roll back the firmware update. I suggest you reset the E63 after you made a backup. *#7370# 12345 reformat, lose all data. Do not restore the settings.
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N8-00 RM 596 V:111.030.0609; E71-1(05) RM 346 V: 500.21.009