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Nokia 5800 MMC Card suudenly gets formatted.

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Nokia 5800 MMC Card suudenly gets formatted.

I have faced this problem many times. Usually I don't install many apps on MMC card.I faced this problem today. My phone memory was 26.9 mb. It was all going fine suddenly the thme changed to the basic theme from the theme installed in the MMC. I checked for music but there was no songs. It showed me the massage"Corrupted Files" or something like that. But the MMC card was still occupied i.e. it wasn't formatted. But it lloked like a formatted MMC card. 


This problem is seriously annoying me. All my favourite musics are gone...all  apps are gone..Now I have to upload musics again.


I updated my phone's firmware to 40.0.005. But the problem is still there..


Please help me...

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Re: Nokia 5800 MMC Card suudenly gets formatted.

Seems like a corrupted system files on the memory card. Note that if the problems are caused by memory card files, firmware updates nor hard resets do not fix this.


There are two ways to fix memory card issues:


1. Run your memory card through disk checker



2. Format it and rebuild altogether.

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Re: Nokia 5800 MMC Card suudenly gets formatted.

Format the memory card via windows and also run a scan disc on the card .

Put your stuff back on the card from your backup .



But the MMC card was still occupied i.e. it wasn't formatted. But it lloked like a formatted MMC card.

A card  is formatted to use and stays formated when occupied .



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Re: Nokia 5800 MMC Card suudenly gets formatted.

There is many posts about this issue in this and other sites (so many!) and always the same obvious useless answer: reformat.


I experience the problem myself, It's like the tenth time the phones suddently reformats the mmc card. and it's like the tenth (another thent) time I reformat the mmc card to resolv a filesystem corruption.


I try another mmc and it's exactly the same, it got corrupted after some days of use. Also tried exercise the memory card using an adapter directly conected to the pc and results were ok, then I exercise the memory using the phone and again result were fine (no error, exercise where sequencially read/write/read/write random data).


The problem it's no the memory, it's a flaw in the phone firmware.

I Contacted Nokia support, they recomended reformat the mmc (agghhh!).


If someone knows where we can complain or get more info/support please tell me. 


Until then I'll be uploading my music library and reinstalling my apps (AGAIN!)



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