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Re: Nokia 5800 XM can format/rebuild memory card a...

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Re: Nokia 5800 XM can format/rebuild memory card automatically

I faced some thing a little different, 

All MY data was blown, deleted. but the maps were still there.. 

totall **bleep** moment.. 


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Re: Nokia 5800 XM can format/rebuild memory card automatically

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Hi buddy this is San from Lucknow , I'v recently purchased a 2nd hand Nokia 5800 & immediately started facing problems same to same as yours. This forum is one year old but still I think you would be able to answer me , I want to know if your problem got solved ? And if not then please tell me the following thing's : 

1-When did you purchased the phone ?

2-How was you Battery backup when these errors occured.

3-Did you tried a different memory card & of different brand + different capacity ?

4-Did you tried the same memory card (Nokia 8GB) on a different phone ?



I am an IT Student and Technical in these techtricks, so from my point of view I think it's a Manufacturing defect and that too in hardware , which is causing these malfunctionings. I'v Hard formatted my 5800 + Software Updated to V.60.0.003 but all went in vain. Seems like Software is working fine but there is slight snag in data busses of MMC which causes these errors, it can also be a Firmware Virus or A Firware Bug aroused out from unknown source.


When this error occured 4th time : I hooked up the mmc to card reader on my Laptop and ran a Diskcheck;  the Result showed that there were files without any addresses , these files were copied into a folder named "FOUND" , this folder is hidden so you have to enable the option to view the hidden files ; amongst those hundreds of files there were few very large files when i opened them with windows media player it came out to be my Videos which got erased by the error.


Pls mail me your phone number , I want to talk into this matter in detail with you since you've been to NCC more than 9 times. 


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