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Nokia 700 Update not available

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Accepted Solution

Nokia 700 Update not available

hi, The update shown on SW update site is greater than my phone current..., but when checked from my phone,it says "ur phone is already updated" ?? why is this contradiction

am from Pakistan the current SW is 111.030.0609

and its not gettin updated, go on saying u r updated already...

plz help

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Re: Nokia 700 Update not available

Hi S_H_A_N_I,


Ultimately, updates are pushed out by Nokia to operators. From there onwards, operators will have to approve the update and push this out to their customers before it will show up on their devices.


It may be worth you calling your operator and ask them if they recieved such update and will it be pushed out soon. I hope you get this through soon and apologies if this causes any inconvenience.





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Re: Nokia 700 Update not available

"updates are pushed out by Nokia to operators"


Seriously? It's as if you couldn't update your home computer's operating system without asking permission from your internet provider.


I am really disappointed with Symbian Belle. It is more a toy than a powerful modern operating system. I tried to update to FP1, and after downloading the update, the phone says "Phone not updated. The software package is not compatible with your phone. Please check with your local service provider". I came here to see what I could do, and the answer is: bring your phone to Nokia Care. That's unbelievable. I am a PC user, with Debian Linux, and not a single time, in 10 years, I had to go to "Linux Care". There is no Linux Care. When you have a problem, you search the Internet, read the manual, then you just fix problems yourself because you have full access to everything. No need to bring your computer anywhere and come back 2 days later to get it back.


Symbian Belle is less powerful in 2012 than most operating systems were ten years ago. You can't even connect to the Internet via bluetooth, using a PC as a gateway. How is that possible? You have lots of network interfaces (WIFI, bluetooth, 2G, 3G, USB) but you can't use them as you want. And Nokia seems to think that the priority is a weather widget or dolby sound. Sure, this is probably what any course on operating system design would teach. I'm getting rid of Linux because it doesn't come with a weather widget, only with huge networking capabilities. What a shame. I wish I could install Symbian Belle on my computer so I could know if the weather is nice.

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Re: Nokia 700 Update not available

Sorry, Braak. It sounds just like symbian as it is today doesn't fit your needs well. It's easier for you to find something else (Android?)
Don't miss FP1. 111.030.0609-something works better on Nokia 700 (if you don't desperately need weather widget of want to burn more battery with higher CPU freq.)
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