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Nokia 808 Camera app update

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Nokia 808 Camera app update

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I just updated the Nokia 808 camera app via Nokia Suite.

However when I now use the camera from the side key it simply shows the viewfinder view. - i.e. whatever I am pointing it at at but without any icons - just the picture. It doesnt take photos.

When I start the camera from the camera app it just shows a black screen.


I had these symptoms about a week ago, assumed it was a software conflict  and did a full factory reset.

This 'cured it'. and the camera worked well for about a week untill I upgaded to the latest Camera App and Installed Noki Big Screen and upgraded maps just now. 

What am I doing wrong? I can't have this occuring all the time.


Weird fault 2: I also cannot delete from gallery (stored on mass storage)






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Re: Nokia 808 Camera app update

trampjuicerocks wrote:


What am I doing wrong? I can't have this occuring all the time.

You may be doing nothing wrong as several users have reported issue with camera just showing "viewfinder image" as here:


Do you get same result with any third party camera applications?

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