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Re: Nokia 808 HSPDA solution

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Nokia 808 HSPDA solution

To summarize the 808 3G bug thread: Nokia 808 devices have a known bug (their capacitor is not handling the energy in low connectivity areas causing it to restart - or something of that nature using big words, I'm not an engineer :smileyhappy:), Nokia has come out and admitted that this is a hardware issue and claimed they sent instructions to their care centers on how to fix it, then... Nokia did nothing. Very few people sending their phone to the care center are actually getting them fixed, instead they just replace them with more broken phones. Nokia technical advisors have also stayed completely silent on the forums lately. So what can we do to fix this?


Go to , Report a Violation of Our Rules for seller Nokia and listing ID B0087OXZ3K , then write in the comments that the Nokia 808 has a defective mainboard, is constantly freezing, the repair centers are not fixing the problem, and Amazon needs to take the product off until Nokia addresses this issue. Get everyone you know with one of these phones to do the same.


This is the only way something will get done.


Nokia is not fixing these phones, despite knowing what the problem is. They are ignoring tons of user complaints both on this forum and on Amazon's reviews, and are doing nothing to address this issue (issuing a recall or teaching their care centers to properly fix them). If we can make Amazon, their main US retailer,aware of the problem and suspend their sales, we might actually accomplish something.


It's crazy how little Nokia seems to care about customer satisfaction for its recently FLAGSHIP phone. The company's struggling in sales here in the US, meanwhile people support them by buying a phone that they can show off to others and boost the company's name, and Nokia sells them a broken product which it doesn't fix. If that's how they're choosing to support their loyal customers, the company doesn't have much of a future left for it. For now, let's at least force it to fix the broken phone it's been selling everyone.


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Re: Nokia 808 HSPDA solution

hi mate,

as this is a user to user forum only for Nokia products and services, we are not tasked in handling complaints, so your best bet is to contact your local Nokia Care who will listen to your issue:

sorry to hear of the problems you have been experiencing
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Re: Nokia 808 HSPDA solution

^ that is the problem.. the Nokia US care center is replacing the phones, with phones that have the exact same issue :smileyhappy: The customer service is great otherwise...


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Re: Nokia 808 HSPDA solution

Adrian, like vlado said, in this instance that does not work. Following the advice on this forum, I sent my phone into the repair center wrapped with a printout which said "DO NOT REPLACE. This is a hardware issue, please fix the problem in the mainboard, a new phone will likely have the same problem." and they went ahead and replaced it anyway.  I know I'm not the only having this experience, because I have read on the forum of people sending their phones back repeatedly and repeatedly getting broken ones back. The phone support is ignorant about the issue as well.


I agree that Nokia support is USUALLY great, but in this instance it is failing. They need to make an official announcement and  do a mass recall of the 808s that were made with a faulty chip, and they definitely need to stop selilng them. That's something that will take mass action. If the users on this forum can figure out which production dates have this issue, then Nokia certainly can. This is not an individual complaint, it is a technical issue that needs to be fixed.

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Re: Nokia 808 HSPDA solution

Here's one FAQ related to the issue:

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Re: Nokia 808 HSPDA solution

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That URL points to the stupid Nokia Care suggestion, which is no good for most 808s because they are grey imports, and anyway Nokia Care shops just replace the phones with the same dud ones.


See my posts today in the big 3G thread. I reckon, on my new 808, IMEI 35196505215xxxx, Nokia quietly disabled HSPA to "fix" the bug. Very naughty of them. I true, and it looks like it, this is totally unethical.


It's not a showstopper because I am still getting 400kbits/sec on 3G, where I am. For me, this is OK. No good for watching online HD movies though.



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Re: Nokia 808 HSPDA solution

Yep. Suggesting to "disable HSPA" to fix the problem is like a mechanic telling someone whose car shakes at 70mph that they should just drive 50 instead. That's not a solution. If a feature is broken it needs to be fixed, not ignored.


I agree it's not a showstopper, but it still really bothers me. They're spending more money sending everyone replacement phones that don't work multiple times than they would if they just fixed the board. Not to mention they're building ill will towards the company - I've read multiple people on here say they're thinking of buying the Xperia Z or another cameraphone. Instead of addressing an issue and having thousands of people walking around with an 808, taking great photos, then bragging to everyone about how awesome their phone is (creating tons of free publicity for Nokia), Nokia ignores this problem making people their phones or complain about them not working properly.


I'm still optimistic about themand I am long stock in the company, their technology is amazing, I just think they've been making some really poor decisions with this model.


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Re: Nokia 808 HSPDA solution

Yes i have the same issue here in Canada, only worse.


Phone not working for a few months now, tried all the soft/hard start/reset.


Called Nokia Canada but they said they won't fix it since the phone is not available in Canada.


Woulnd't direct me to Nokia Finalnd either. Dead end?