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Nokia 808 Poor automatic focus sometimes

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Accepted Solution

Nokia 808 Poor automatic focus sometimes

Im experiencing problem focusing a close object like a pen. sometimes when I try to focus the same area on an object it will show red cursor always instead of green cursor with a beep sound.


I hope there is an manual focus options for us because its quite frustrating when im unable to focus the things I wanted.


Hope there is a firmware upgrade for manual focus functions.

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Re: Nokia 808 Poor automatic focus sometimes

The shortest distance the camera can focus on is ~15 cm. The focus range is from ~15 cm to infinity throughout the zoom range.
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Re: Nokia 808 Poor automatic focus sometimes

Don't get too close with the object. Usually some phones can focus from 10 cm to infinity. The 808 Pureview is different and it's shortest distance focus is 15 cm as Craig_Mitchell said.

You can try focusing on the object in the distance no less than 15 cm (Try 20 cm). And after that, you zoom on the object, thus will make it looks like the objects are shooted in short distance (That if you use Pureview mode, Automatic mode or Scenes mode as Full Resolution doesn't support zoom). Your phone has lossless digital zoom so don't worry of losing any detail. :smileywink:
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Re: Nokia 808 Poor automatic focus sometimes

I found out that Lumia phones got app, pro shot or something that allows manual focus slider, I hope they bring this for 808 too. Its really only thing missing from this awesome camera(phone).
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Re: Nokia 808 Poor automatic focus sometimes

Hi zlebronjames,


I don't know if you want to take a photo or a video. Nevertheless, go to Scenes -> Close up, or go to Creative Mode, then tap and hold your finger anywhere on the screen. A focus mode menu appears. Choose "Close-up". Done!

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Re: Nokia 808 Poor automatic focus sometimes

I get poor focus on my 808 too, sometimes.


I think it is caused by its focus being always "spot focus" - a single point.


All expensive modern cameras have multi-point focusing, which makes it highly likely that the camera will find at least one spot on which it can get good contrast or texture to focus on.


The 808 does it on just one point.


Let's say you are photographing a person, front-on, standing up. The focus rectangle will probably be on the middle of their body, and if they are wearing a plain-colour coat or dress, with no texture, the camera won't focus on it. No camera can autofocus on a plain sheet of paper for example.


I have been photographing "everything" since the 1970s and it does suprise me that the 808 often fails to focus, but when I take care to let the camera find a decent focus point, it works great. The 808 is just not a great "point and shoot and not use your brain at all" camera, unless you are shooting landscapes.


An entirely separate issue is its shallow depth of field, caused by the wide aperture of 2.something and the large sensor. A lot of people like that, of course.

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