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Nokia C6-00: Problems with the internet.

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Nokia C6-00: Problems with the internet.

I hope this is the right place to ask this question...


Two days ago I bought the Nokia C6. I bought the phone because Whatsapp works on it and it's easy for internet usage. When I'm home I always use the Wi-Fi, but my cellphone is always connecting with the internet of my provider, too. I've set off all the data settings, removed every internet connection except my Wi-Fi, but it sill keeps reconnecting to the internet of my provider. Two days ago I still had €11,- but now I have no money left on my SIM card anymore.. I went to my provider shop and asked them about this problem. They told me that it's the phone, you can't turn it off... It may also form a serious problem for me because I often travel to the Netherlands, and when I can't turn of my internet connection it'll cost me a lot of money. Is there no way to put it off? 

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Re: Nokia C6-00: Problems with the internet.

Please check this FAQ first:


Why does my device have a data connection continuously active?

A data connection is automatically established when the online mode has been selected in the home screen settings. The home screen widgets can then automatically fetch the latest information from internet and show it on the home screen.

The automatic data connection can be disabled by selecting the offline mode in the home screen settings:

  • Select  Options > Content to offline mode

Note that the data connection may be opened automatically also by some other applications, for example by the email clients. The home screen setting doesn't affect the connections opened by these applications.

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Re: Nokia C6-00: Problems with the internet.

I looked at the FAQ and what you said and i dont have such a setting in options on home screen.

Can you elaborate some more pls maybe i am doing something wrong?
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Re: Nokia C6-00: Problems with the internet.

Whatapps for Symbian will automatic look for cellular network for data as soon as it lost connection with WiFi. That is an issue with Whatapps' developer, and that is the reason I whatapps from my phone. Hopefully their developer would improve the app and make more setting about network usage for it.
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