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Nokia C6 Google calendar synchronization

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Nokia C6 Google calendar synchronization

As it seems the Nokia C6 does not have the usual Mail for Exchange interface.

So how to install Google calendar sync to keep your agenda synchronized on your phone and on the web.


Google help sends you to:


But the whole creating a profile seems not to be available.


A long search leads to:


Settings -> Connectivity -> data transfer -> Sync

Options -> New Sync Profile -> Start

Profile Name: Google
Server Version: 1.1 or 1.2 (default)
Applications in sync: Contacts, Calendar, Notes, sync e-mail, multimedia, multim, msgs., text messages, bookmarks
Contacts database: ??
Calendar database: ??
Notes database: ??
Remote Database: ??
Multim. Msg. database: ??
Text msg. database: ??
Bookmarks database: ??
Data bearer: Internet (default) or Bluetooth
Host address:
Server ID: ??
User Name:
Password: [mypassword]


Still no working synchronization.

Anyone any tips?

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Re: Nokia C6 Google calendar synchronization

Additional tip by Nokia:


The easiest way to configure a Mail for Exchange account  on your C6.

First switch your first device in offline mode.

(briefly press the power button, and then the Offline profiles.) 

Then go to Menu -> Applications -> Mail -> New. make mailbox -> you give your e-mail address and password, and when he asks to connect press cancel (2x). Then he will ask you what type of mailbox you want to configure, and then you get the choice to choose Mail for Exchange.




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Re: Nokia C6 Google calendar synchronization

To lauch MfE interface:
Menu - Email - Define new mailbox, then the "Email wizzard" starts, then you get MfE interface on list.

Unfortunately, after setting up everything correctly, you will find that C6 gives you a lame MfE.
See detail in my post.


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Re: Nokia C6 Google calendar synchronization

[ Edited ]

Hello, I've found a solution. You can find it here :


It is in French but as usually all the docs are in English I'm happy to see that this time it may be a problem for English speakers. Don't worry, with babelfish or such a translator you'll be able to understand the main purpose of the text. If not you still can learn French. :smileywink:


Moderator's Note:

We have removedthe link in your post as it because we are concerned about the link . Please be aware that Nokia Support Discussions accepts no commercial publicity of any kind.




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Re: Nokia C6 Google calendar synchronization

[ Edited ]

So what about speaking of google calendar? Isn't it "commercial"? And the link goes to a forum that has no comercial activity... If you may explain me the reason of the deletion I would be glad understand it. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Nokia C6 Google calendar synchronization

This one really works! I have it working now for calendar and contacts. Take phone offline the way it says up here. Insert gmail and password, cancel 2 times, than setup Mail for Exchange Than the basis works. Later setup the sync for contacts and calendar. It takes a while to find it out. Just make sure you can restore your contacts and calendar from a csv file or something like that. If you set everything up you can manually sync by selecting options, synchronize. It think at this date this is the only working method...... good luck
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Re: Nokia C6 Google Calendar synchronization

[ Edited ]

May I present:


Up-to-date instructions how to get Google Calendar and mail to sync onto Nokia C6-00:

First see Google instructions (for reference only) :

On your Nokia phone, go to: 'E-Mail - New account' and follow this video:
- Select "Play setup video" in Mail for Exchange section.

Use following settings:
- E-mail address: <Your full Google email address>
- Password: <Your password>
- User Name: <Your full Google email address>
- Mail for Exchange Server:
- Select what to synchronize.
- Select, whether to keep or delete existing calendar entries on your phone.


Done. :smileyhappy:


Please note: In case of a company account on Google Apps, Google Sync must be enabled on your Google Apps administrator control panel. See:

Contact your network administrator for details.

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Re: Nokia C6 Google Calendar synchronization

Ok, setup works and calendar syncs on c6-01 (can't find anything for c6-01, so I tried the c6-00), would be happy if someone would point me to c6-01 instructions.


Problem is all the times on the calendar entries are dead wrong -no pattern to it like 2 hrs off, just randomly way wrong, wrong time length, wrong time start, etc.  


How do I set this up to work correctly?



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Re: Nokia C6 Google Calendar synchronization

Actually, after further investigation, the times are exactly 2.5 hrs off - too early.  So, if an event in google calendar starts at 6pm, the phone will indicate 3:30 pm.  Time zone cannot account for this error.