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Nokia E7-00 usb connector failure

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Nokia E7-00 usb connector failure

For a few months i am enjoying the nokia communicator phone. But lately it has loading problems. As i been VERY careful with my phone (like a proper woman does) i am suprised to see it broke down so quickly.


I had a technician take a look at it and the conclusion is that the connector inside the phone is faulty! The USB PC cable has the same problems. When i hook it up to the loader or the usb cord the light does not even go on most of the time and when it does it goes off by the slightest touch on the phone or cable.


Now my question is; what can i do? I have warranty still for over a year. But how long would i have to wait till its fixed? Is it at all fixable by nokia? Will nokia accept it under the warranty and not claim its been 'improper use'?


Any idea's?


Thank you in advance for your advise and or idea's,



The netherlands.

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Re: Nokia E7-00 usb connector failure

icq6000068 wrote:

I have warranty still for over a year. But how long would i have to wait till its fixed? Is it at all fixable by Nokia? Will Nokia accept it under the warranty and not claim its been 'improper use'?

You may have to fight your corner with Nokia Care Point and if necessary demand an independent inspection if it is rejected out of hand; there was a somewhat similar situation with the N900, where certain regions seem to deal with the issue better than others.

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Re: Nokia E7-00 usb connector failure

Only a Nokia care center can help you here, as said by aspergerguy, go to another care center if you don't find one useful. There might be one good one around somewhere. This problem seems to be there with some E7, two E7's I used had a lose USB.

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Re: Nokia E7-00 usb connector failure

My E7 is currently in the service because of loose USB-port. The symptoms were "no charging" and " no connection on USB".

I would definetely take the phone to closest NokiaCare especially because your warranty is still valid.

The following is just my opinion: As a customer You are entitled to a properly functioning device.
If the service claims that the phone has been improperly used, I would do exactly as aspergerguy wrote: request independent inspection to show that is not true.
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Re: Nokia E7-00 usb connector failure

The problem is the the connector tongue inside the USB port. I have bend it down with a screwdrive a little bit for proper electrical contact to the USB cable. Everything worked fine since then. In my opinion the Micro USB in general is crab. That is not NOKIA fault. Thomas using E7 and E90
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Re: Nokia E7-00 usb connector failure

Same problem here, repaired under guarantee.

The circuitboard has been changed, and a new emei number supplied.

Works fine now, the mini usb connector now kind of clicks in place which it did not do before if my memory serves me well.

Groetjes, Jos, Nokia E7-00
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Re: Nokia E7-00 usb connector failure

Dear Nokia Support Team,


My USB connector needs to be changed as told by Nokia Care, but the replacement cost is told me as Rs. 8000/- and requires 8-10 working days.


Kindly confirm if I have to shell out 30% of the product cost for its repairs within 1.5 yrs of purchase.



Suman Sharma

Nokia E 7 - 00

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Re: Nokia E7-00 usb connector failure

The Micro USB in my 14 months old E7-00 failed.Its rediculous how this can happen so quickly after the warranty.I have been using the instrument with  utmost care and stil the authorises care center says its an issue with manhandling. Cost of repair is quoted at Rs.2000/-(~$38).

This is really undoe from a company like Nokia.....

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Re: Nokia E7-00 usb connector failure

[ Edited ]

I have been facing the problem of Nokia E 7 USB connection system failure. 


Moderator's notes: complaint and e-mail address removed. Nokia does not recommend users to post sensitive information on the forums. For all complaints please send them to

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Re: Nokia E7-00 usb connector failure




It's been over a 6 months and I'm very disappointed with NOKIA in general. I can't use my E7 but still have to pay my Orange contract.


"Customer Service" refused to help me and after disputing Nokia's second decision with regards to my faulty E7 handset they cancelled my warranty completely.


The E7 clearly has a common fault with poor design of the USB socket and yet NOKIA keeps on saying it's customers fault (mechanical damage).


Your "customer support" ls of Sh** and you know this NOKIA! I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM YOU AGAIN!


This company was my first choice 10 years ago, now I've discouraged over 10 people from buying NOKIA's shi*ty products and instead suggested BB or other more reliable devices with customers service that's worth paying money.


I had a problem with Samsung last year and after calling their customer service I received new product within 5 working days and no questions asked. That's what I call customers service.


NOKIA if you keep looking after your business like you're looking after your customers, soon you'll be looking at other companies from far behind and that's the reality.


I still have my E7 with broken USB socket and on top of it two large scuffs made by your (NOKIA) so called "Professional Engineers" after they didn't know how to take my phone apart.




I hate you so much right now!
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Re: Nokia E7-00 usb connector failure

Just to add my 2p's worth.


I've started having trouble on my E7 with the micro USB either not charging or not connecting. After trying a few different USB-microUSB leads I've found some work and some don't.


If you're having problems might be worth trying a few different leads  to see if one works.