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Nokia E72 GPS

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Nokia E72 GPS



This is driving me to distraction on my Nokia E72 which I have been very pleased with everything on it, but the GPS receiver is pretty dire in my unit.


I have access points correctly configured and tried just about every combination of positioning methods to no avail.


Most of the time I end up having to set off in the car and sometimes the GPS gets a lock (having been set on waiting for GPS) and sometimes, it just never catches up and I switch it off. Worse, yesterday I started getting directions having supposedly got a lock, for all the wrong roads and directions as the phone thought it was somewhere else!


This has been on good clear days and days where it has been overcast.


Nokia Maps is set to online mode.


How do other people find the GPS in the E72? My phone is on v81.003, I can't upgrade it to a later version as it says there is none.


Mine is a SIM free unlocked phone from new.




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Re: Nokia E72 GPS

to be honest I have this problem with almost all GPS units (including tomtom). Particularly when not plugged into power (you know, they come with batteries in them though most people never use them)

Unless you have A-GPS going (and the network provides the data) it can often take me 20min to get a lock too.

Just ensure that the phone is in a place which is not buried within the car (metal shields it from signal) and that you're not in an area with lots of hills or tall buildings.

GPS of all flavors has limits.

I have tried using an external GPS (bought for my E63) which sometimes gets a lock better than the phone.

I suspect that when on battery that GPS units 'slow down' searching for sattelites to conserve power ...

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Re: Nokia E72 GPS



As an E72 user I can confirm that GPS antenna size/position is definitely compromised upon E72 and whilst finds position inside building quite rapidly due to WiFi/Network positioning method within a vehicle a Bluetooth GPS receiver is almost essential.


Whilst there have a couple more updates in quick succession to 091.004 of 02/06/12 due to "Appplication manager" issues with 091.003 there have been no changes to Maps functionality!

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