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Re: Nokia N8 Problems MAJOR

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Re: Nokia N8 Problems MAJOR

bfazio wrote:

Hi all,


I went on the advice of a friend and swapped my handset to an N8 this week. As soon as i began using PhoneSwitch to copy my contacts, messages etc across, i noticed the N8 was extremely slow in doing this compared to the speed my old 5800 was sending them. After 4hrs i gave up, and then the N8 would take forever to respond to any action i pressed. After attempting to get through, i took it back to the 3 store i got it, and they gave me a new handset.


would not suggest to use PhoneSwitch function believe it is very buggy.  I had problem when doing the synch. and afterward.  In fact, it did not succeed after many trial then the phone become unstable.

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Re: Nokia N8 Problems MAJOR

Hi, My problem is not same as most of you, its kind of strange, I will have to explain for better understanding.


First I should admit it is a great phone in terms of camera, music (multimedia) presently, however my experience with the phone was not good. Here it goes:

There was a strange problem, whenever I have a phone conversation there was a static noise (like electric buzz) loud, most of the time. It happened randomly and anywhere. Network signal was full most of the time. First I used on Dtac, complained to them they say no problem on their part, so changed to True Move (both 1800 mhz GSM), the problem was still there. Then I take it to Nokia Care and they change the handset for me, on the second handset it happened again. I was very disappointed as it is an expensive phone, I never have any problem like this before with any Nokia or other brand phone. I sold the handset at last. I really like Nokia and specially N8. Even the nokia care people do not have a proper answer to this problem. After searching on the internet i could find two nokia thread were people complain of this issue, but no solution or reason for this yet.


The tests I have done as follows:


1. Dual mode (GSM+3G) on - crackling happened

2. GSM only (3G off) - it happened.

3. Other operators sim card it happened

4. Hard reset it happened

5. Take off screen protector and cover case, it happened.

6. Signal strength full it happened. One thing I noticed it happened mostly on the GSM mode.

7. WIFI on -happend, WIFI off - happened.


After getting back the handset from Nokia care, it was ok just 1 day and the noise started from the second day, get it replaced with a new handset, if the handset was faulty there was less chance to have the same problem on the new one, but guess what same problem on the new one. Next what I did buy a C6-01 (just launched), and same crackling noise, got it replaced again, second handset same problem.


At this point I was very detirmined to find the cause of the issue, so I did what ever is possible for me, and no correct explanation from nokia technician. In the mean time got a Nokia C5 used for week or so, NO PROBLEMS.


Done some research on the internet regarding this issue, so far found similar problems reported by people here on N8, C7 and C6-01 (I found the problem on N8 and C6-01 as used myself both, not on C7 because did not use it)


 For N8 /t5/Nseries-and-S60-Smartphones/Nokia-N8-makes-an-annoying-crackling-click-noise/m-p/985015/highligh... 




For C7:  /t5/Cseries/C7-Crackling-noise-or-a-crackling-burst-during-call/td-p/1018395 Exact same problem on N8


For C6-01: /t5/Cseries/C6-01-in-call-sound-problem/td-p/908189


I am really willing to find out the cause of it, and done as much experiment possible, but no luck so far, Currently I am using HTC Mozart with the same connection and sim, no such problems.

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Re: Nokia N8 Problems MAJOR

i am also fed up with my nokia n8 due to its hang up and slow internet speed and blur imaging not good quality at all it is a par from n95 in image quality ...............

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Re: Nokia N8 Problems MAJOR

I have had the same problem with my N8 Hanging, It has gradually gotten worse the older the phone is getting.  It's only 12 months old.  Very frustrating as it tends to do it when there is an incoming call to answer.  Previous times I have been able to turn it off easily, but the last time, I had to go searching for a fix and found it in this forum.  Is anyone aware if Nokia have an update to download to fix this problem

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Re: Nokia N8 Problems MAJOR

Well i will be just happy if i get one with out the purple screen tint. got my N8 on monday. First touchscreen, first real smart phone. Returning it tomorrow for a replacement. Not a good start so far. After months and months of reading of peoples disapointment on here and elsewhere, i can now sympathise with you guys.

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Re: Nokia N8 Problems MAJOR

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Nokia N8 Problems MAJOR

Hi Guys,

I just got my first smart phone the Nokia N8 2 weeks ago and am experiencing some problems with it. I would like to see some help/advises and see if anyone's got a solution, have/had similar problems. Otherwise it might be just that I have a faulty set (which is low chance I hope).

1. The screen takes forever to light up when I have an incoming call. Sometimes it's totally fine and fast, sometimes it lights up but before I can press the answer button it disappears, sometimes it doesn't light up at all. Also when I want to hang up the call, it doesn't light up and I have to wait till the other party hangs up, or use the side lock button to light the screen up to hang the call. I notice this happens often in outdoor. Is there like a light sensor or something that the screen doesn't light up in bright places?

2. Slow internet speed. I have friends who are on the same cellular provider with the same service plan. On their iphone using apps, watching youtube and loading facebook picture, it is much faster. I am using the xenozu app for youtube and social network for facebook. Sometimes it says something like "server error" etc and it just doesn't load.

3. E-mails. I am using the default e-mail app on the phone. It takes forever to get the e-mail, if I ever do get it. Sometimes I don't get the e-mails on my phone at all, other times I get it but MUCH slower than people on blackberry or iphone. A small few KB mail can take 1 hours to reach me, sometimes it doesn't update me at all.

4. Fast battery drainage. 20 mins on web can literally drain my battery by half. Even just switching on my phone and not using anything other than calls on and off, it won't last more than a day.

Major failed design:
the speaker is located next to the camera directly on the back of the phone. When I play the phone on the table or in my pocket, I can't hear the ringing because the speaker is being "blocked"



Have all the same Problems .....cant get the phone screen to work properly .SO frustrating ...

And SIm reg failed .....every second day.


Please forward me if you had some advice that worked.


Best Regards

Etienne Simon


CapeTown South Africa.


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Re: Nokia N8 Problems MAJOR

i m facing the same problem which u have mentioned in problem no. 1.
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