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Re: Nokia N8 firmware update to 014.002

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Nokia N8 firmware update to 014.002

Hi all,


I recently purchased a Nokia N8 and saw on the internet that the latest firmware version is 014.002, but my N8's version is 013.016 and I cannot update it, the product code of my device is 059D4S1. I also noticed that the latest version for MY device is actually 013.016. Why is so, why can't I update it to the latest version? What is the difference between my device and the others? I am really confused, I would appreciate a little help :smileyhappy:


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Nokia N8 firmware update to 014.002

Sometime it depends to each product code. The latest version of the firmware is not availbale for a certain product code, you may not be able to update it. Most probably Nokia has not released it yet for your product code (if your phone is not locked to a network operator.provider) and or if you're locked to a network operator/provider then they haven't approved the release of the firmware update to your device even if it is available for update.


try to check the complete list of product codes and firmware updates for all Nokia N8 devices here. Latest update, yes you are correct    PR 1.2   v014.002 while yours is  v13.016 (PR1.1).


Try to check your product code here.


N8 PR1 1 & PR1.2 status (130411).xls 114 KB


Hope that helps you!






Will phyrhone


Nokia N8-00 PR1.2

Product Code: 0599243 (Singapore)



Will "Phyrhone" Laurent

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Re: Nokia N8 firmware update to 014.002

Oh, it says that it's waiting for operator approval or similar, does that mean that the update will be available soon enough? I hope so anyway, because i had some problems with this version, my recorded video clips wouldn't start via Photos, i had to start them via Videos, kinda annoying :smileyhappy: And i had to restore it to it's factory settings and erase all data, because i first restored it without erasing all data, but the problem persisted, so i tried to erase everything, it worked. But now i have another problem, when i turn on and turn off my N8, there's a T-Mobile logo appearing, it freaks me out. Also, i don't have the Web brower application, i have the Web'n'walk, so i hope that all these things will change with the update :smileyhappy:


Anyway, thanks for your help :smileyhappy:



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