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Nokia N8 wifi problems

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Nokia N8 wifi problems

I have a weird problem. Can't remember after what this started, but my phones wifi signal strenght is really week now. I'm really close to my wifi hotspot and still it says only 1 bar and at upstairs where wifi used to work perfect it know just misses the connection. Also my phone doesn't show that "Wifi networks available" when I press the top right corner. I have to go through my connectivity settings to connect to wifi. And also it sometimes connects to the wifi automatically and sometimes not. Of course this could be a problem of my wifi hotspot signal being bad. But it worked before. Anyone other facing these problems? Any solution?  And I'm using Symbian Anna. Thanks

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Re: Nokia N8 wifi problems

Have you any other devices using the wifi in the house and how are they working? Try to eliminate possible issues with the router first such as a faulty router or the signal being interfered by another transnitter. Sometime ago I had a problem with wifi reception at one end of my house. On investigaion I discovered that my neighbour had just installed a new wireless router and it was on the same channel as mine. Problem was solved by changing the channel. 

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Re: Nokia N8 wifi problems

Hello guys if you are still face nokia n8 Auto internet search problem ...then hare is solution for you...recently i solve this problem in my Nokia n8...

Just connect your Nokia N8 Via USB and Download nokia latest Pc suit and download latest software from nokia official website and Install it in your Nokia n8....


With new Nokia n8 software you cant face this prblem...


have a nice day.:smileyhappy:

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