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Nokia Repair Center And Customer Service

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Nokia Repair Center And Customer Service

Hello, I am contacting you today regarding a problem that I have with the repair center. The reason that I am contacting YOU, is because no else (Email support or customer services phone numbers) that I have been dealing with seem to know they are doing, and have not been of much assistance at all.
Now here lies the problem,
I sent my Nokia N-8 in for warranty repair and it was received and (supposedly) repaired and sent back to me on 3-14-11. When I received the phone a couple of days later I noticed that the problem was not fixed. So I repacked it and and sent it back with a note describing the problem with the phone in detail.
It was received and signed for by Salas R at the Forth Worth repair center on 3-21-11.

7 days go by and I notice that the "repair status" of my phone changes from "In queue to evaluated for repair" to "Shipped repair original phone" on 3-14-11.
Now how could my phone be shipped on 3-14 when it wasn't received until 3-21.
This was the old ship date and included with it was the old tracking number.

So begins the emails and phone calls.
 Every email reply was very generic  and could have been sent to anyone, never answering my questions or making any references to my specific problem. (like they didn't even bother reading my email)
There was no indication of when or how this matter would be resolved, only promises of a phone call that took about 3 days and 2 more emails to come.
When I finally received a call on 4-4-11 The person told me that my phone was shipped to me on 3-30-11 but he did not have any tracking information. He said he would get that information and call me back. He did not. So The following day 4-5-11 I called back and I was told that the person who was handling my case was not in and that he would be in at 12:00 pm
Eastern time and he would call me.
He did not call.
So I called back. Now, I was told  that they would have to contact the repair center and find out the status of my phone.

You mean to tell me that I been sending emails and making phone calls for a week and nobody has contacted the repair center to find out what happened to my Phone.
What have they been doing?
So this person does call me back about 10 minutes later and says they have lost my phone and that they would send me a new one, BUT, they don't have any in stock.
So I ask him, why is it that on the Nokia website it shows all colors of the N-8 As  "IN STOCK".
His reply was "those are for the sales department".

So you mean that if anyone wants to buy a new N-8 you have one for them, But for me,  who's phone YOU LOST, You don't have any.  

Nothing for the person that has been without a phone  for a month now due to YOUR incompetence.

Now I ask you, Is this how you do business. Is this how Nokia operates. I sent my phone for warranty repair and you lost it. SO REPLACE IT.
I understand mistakes are made. We all make mistakes,
But you have to accept responsibility for them. I just want my phone back.

If you have any interest in helping me with this matter here is some information that might be useful to you.

My case number is: 1-11589768441

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Re: Nokia Repair Center And Customer Service

Unfortunately my friend, as sad and annoying as your story is, this is a user to user help forum and issues such as yours need to be resolved with Nokia Direct, you can try the contact us section on the web site, or persist with the repair centre that lost your phone, but other than offer sympathy, there is nothing anyone here can do to help you :smileysad:

Good luck, and I hope your replacement arrives quickly !

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Re: Nokia Repair Center And Customer Service

Carman is quite right. I feel really bad for you and the way you have been treated. Unfortunately it happens some times. Almost same happened to me a long time ago with the Sony Ericcson K750i which was sent for repair and never showed up. The service centre had never even recieved the phone. I suspected the person at the store I handet it into for causing the missing phone. I contacted the management in the shop and eventually it was sorted. I knew my rights and finally he gave up.

What I suggest you do is to contact Nokia and ask for a post adress to Nokia. Form a written complaint to the heads at the Care point and send a copy to Nokia them selvs.

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Re: Nokia Repair Center And Customer Service

Sorry to hear that your experience with Nokia Care has not been to your satisfaction, we would advise you to contact the Nokia Care line for your country where trained complaint handlers will be able to look into your case for you.

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Re: Nokia Repair Center And Customer Service

Sometimes one feels better after venting !

Hope it all gets resolved to your satisfaction.

Perhaps you could resolve this thread by posting how this was resolved for you.

Take care
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Be happy !!